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10 GIFs That Accurately Describe Growing Up In Stockton

10 GIFs That Accurately Describe Growing Up In Stockton

Growing up in Stockton is an experience in itself, and if you've grown up there, then you totally understand how relatable these points are.

There’s something about growing up in Stockton that kind of bonds people together. It’s a city largely known for its crime, so our hometown definitely has its reputation. I’ve compiled ten gifs that accurately describe what it’s like growing up in Stockton, so feel free to nod your head in agreement and share it with your hometown friends.

1. Hanging at the Sherwood and Weberstown malls

The two major hangout places of young adults in Stockton were Sherwood mall and Weberstown mall. Yes, Stockton has two malls right next to each other. Why have one mall when you can have two?


2. Hearing about local shootings

Growing up in Stockton, you hear about shootings once in a while. Each time the news reported one, you probably got freaked out as a kid. For some of us, this shootings encouraged us to leave Stockton once we were able and get away from the crime.

3. Locking all your doors so you don’t get robbed

Better to be safe than sorry if you live in Stockton. You will be sorry if you leave your door unlocked because crime is high in Stockton. When you visit other parts of the country where people don’t lock their doors, you probably think they are crazy.


4. School uniforms in grade school

Everyone hated school uniforms in grade school, but we had no choice but to wear them. They were hideous and kept us from expressing ourselves through our wardrobe. It’s not fun matching every single other student on campus.


5. Bear Creek High School’s football team constantly losing

Bear Creek High School had the absolute worst football team in the history of the sport. Even though the team rarely won games, it was still a fun place to hang out with friends on Friday nights while watching them lose.

6. Hanging with friends at Hammer Skate

One of the few fun/cool places in town to hang out was at Hammer Skate. Rollerblading and roller skating was all the rage back in the day. The place no longer exists, but it was where all the cool kids went to cool off during the summer months.

7. Playing miniature golf at Golfland

Stockton isn’t filled with a ton of fun places to hang out, so miniature golfing at Golfland was one of the few spots in town where kids went to play and hang out. A lot of teens probably went on dates here, as well. Too bad it’s no longer around.

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8. Senior pranksters getting arrested for cutting down trees

Remember that time a group of seniors at Bear Creek High School thought it would be hilarious to chop down the tree the school was literally built around? It wasn’t so hilarious when they got arrested and had their football scholarships taken away.

9. The fact that you grew up in Stockton automatically gives you street cred

Whenever you tell someone you are from Stockton, they either say they don’t know where that is or they mention the fact that it’s a not-so-great place, being that it’s known for it’s crime. It’s cool, though. Being from Stockton pretty much makes you one tough badass.

10. Driving out of town for concerts

For music lovers in Stockton, that means lots of traveling, as not many acts actually make tour stops here. We are right in between Sacramento and the bay area, so if anyone in Stockton wants to see a good show, they’ve gotta make the trek to either of these places.

Did these gifs accurately describe what growing up in Stockton was like for you? Let us know in the comments!

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