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20 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Syracuse University

If there’s anything that ties us Syracuse University students together it’s the hell that is central New York winter and what some might call ‘binge drinking’. Either way, campus culture here is as strong as it gets.

1. That February feeling when you have to make your way across campus in below freezing temperatures. Expect frozen eyelashes and crispy hair.

2. A freshman’s first night at DJ’s. It’ll be sloppy, and probably involve at least a few regrets. Save the pitcher for your second night, trust me.

3. Trying to make it from Mayfest to the concert in the Dome that night. Kudos to you if you can survive the day. Only the strong make it through.

4. All of us on Marshall Street at 2 a.m elbowing each other out of the way for a buffalo chicken calzone at Calios. I’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars over the past few years at Acropolis.

5. Freshman who are definitely 21 years old ordering their first drink from a bearded bartender. Not sure what a Redbull Vodka is but I’ll have three?

6. Getting another drink at a fraternity party while your friends try to convince you that you’ve had enough. Save it Ashley, one more. Will you regret it tomorrow? Probably. Is that stopping you? Absolutely not.

7. Stress eating everything at Kimmel during finals season. Or after a night out. Or in general. I guess your summer bikini body can wait, these loaded fries are too good.

8. Arriving at a tailgate the day after a night out. If you so much as smell vodka expect to see this morning’s bagel. Sorry.

9. Seeing someone you made out with in your 50 person lecture hall the following week. Guess I’ll withdraw from that class!

10. Literally doing anything in the fall. Walking to class? Expect sweat drips. Going out at night? I highly suggest coating your entire body in deodorant.

11. Trying to protect your table in Bird Library during finals season. Bring your nun chucks and be prepared to put up a fight. Do you need an outlet? Might as well transfer.

12. New pledges who are finally initiated and can definitely hold their alcohol super well. Black out or back out… I guess?

13. New sorority members running to their houses on bid days. If you’re averse to blaring music and high-pitched screams all day long I suggest you leave campus.

14. Headed to any dining hall on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You’ll lose count of the oversized sunglasses and smeared eye makeup from the night before. Here at SU we take comfort in being crusty.

15. That feeling when Syracuse wins any kind of athletic game. Prepare your organs and don anything orange you own, we’re headed to castle court.

16. Showing up to that first fall tailgate of the year stunting in your trendy outfit you spent all summer curating. Watch out b****es, I’m back.

17. All of us in the Lucy’s backlot patio when it’s finally nice enough to be outside.

18. The face you make walking into a fraternity party. Is that beer, pee or both? Who knows, but it smells like a petting zoo and mistakes.

19. Girls strolling back onto campus after their weekly visit to Zoom Tan. I can smell the spray tan from here. Nothing but respect for a year-round level 3 bronze. Tan and tasty beats pale and pasty any time.

20. Everybody on the quad once the temperature gets above 50 degrees.

Have any other experiences that scream Syracuse? Comment them down below!
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Quinn Gawronski

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