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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Ohio State University

Whether it’s our incredible football team, our world-class professors, or just the culture and friendliness that permeates Ohio State’s campus, our school is one to be proud of. But like all college students, there are times when we would rather be doing anything other that gen-eds, research papers, and thesis proposals. Here are 10 gifs that perfectly describe Ohio State University life.

1. When it’s the first week and you’re looking through your class syllabi and realizing they all have projects due the same times in the semester.

2. When you’re trying to pay attention in class but you’re distracted by the cute person across the room.

3. When you’ve been away from campus all summer and realize a Target just opened up from across the Union.

4. The inevitable moment when you have to sprint to catch the bus in time before realizing there are no seats so you have to stand and act like you’re not already exhausted for the day.

5. The dreaded moment you’re assigned a group project and know you’ll be the one doing all the work despite being paired with the person who never stops talking.

6. Every time you go to the Oval when it’s above 50 degrees and it’s turned into a dog park.

7. When you’re going to class and trying to dodge the exorbitant number of skateboarders on campus.

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8. When you’re so happy to go to OSU because the Ohio Union Activities Board is bringing in someone awesome for you to see for free.

9. When you unexpectedly run into a friend from a past semester and spend a solid minute jumping up and down on the middle of the sidewalk and blocking everyone trying to get around you.

10. Every time Ohio State University wins a football game and you’re so proud to be a part of such a great community.

Am I missing a quintessential Ohio State University experience? Add a gif and comment below!
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