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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Kutztown University

Kutztown is a small town with a big college campus. If you’re a student here than you can relate to these 10 GIF’s that accurately describe being a student at Kutztown University.

1. When the bus tracker lies and you miss it.

The ride systems app is a habitual liar. Trusting it is the reason why I’m constantly missing the shuttle bus. You look at the app and it says the ETA for the next bus is ten minutes. A minute goes by and you look at your phone again, only this time it says the ETA is four minutes. By the time you rush out you see the bus shut its doors and drive off.

2. When South is crazy busy and you have to wait an eternity.

Look, I get it, sometimes students come in greater packs than usual. I’m not mad at it. I know what it’s like having a bunch of customers waiting on me for their food. However, I think adding the kiosks does make the ordering process much faster and easier.

3. The long line at Chick-fil-A.

You get out of your classes hangry af. You’re trying to decide where you should get lunch. You could go to South but that’s all the way on the other side of campus and they’ve got the same old options. You could go to Cub, but the options might stink and you’re stuck eating a salad again. And that’s when it hits you, you decide to treat yourself to Chick-fil-A. You walk up to the AF only to find a person standing at the entrance. As you get closer, you realize that person is standing in the line that goes all the way to the doors.

4. The constant smell of manure in the air.

Kutztown is farm town. Horses, cows, and corn rule this place. It’s not uncommon to step outside and scrunch up your face. Yeah, that’s the smell of animals far from campus doing a number two wafting in the air.

5. The announcements with the bell in Golden Bear South that scared the life out of you.


6. Almost getting run over by cars and trucks on the walkway.

This happens all the time. You’re walking along and you hear a car behind you which is strange because you’re not on the street, and you’re nowhere near a street. You turn around and lo and behold there’s a giant truck with the words “Kutztown University Facilities” heading your way.

7. Trying to figure out how Kutztown University has money for weekly grass upkeep but the dorms have no air conditioning.

I used to work at Dixon Marketplace. In the beginning of the school year we would sell out of our boxed fans like hot cakes. The customers told me there was no air conditioning in the dorms. Since I live in Golden Bear South I didn’t know this because I had air conditioning. Some customers even told me at times it got so hot they would take their mattresses to the student lounge and sleep in their because that would be the only room with air conditioning.

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8. Wondering why your bedsheets don’t stay on the beds!

You roll to your side just once and your immediately sandwiched in your fitted sheet.

9. That one time there was a bee infestation in Lytle.

There were literal bees in Lytle. I was in class and I counted more than eleven. Normally I would scream my head off, but they were friendly. One flew on my desk and just minded her business and at that point we had a mutual respect for each other.

10. Going to Mr. Food for a late-night snack!

There’s nothing better than walking to Mr. Food and being greeted by that sweet lady who works the register. Getting your bags and bags of snacks however, takes the cake.

Was the Kutztown University experience accurately depicted by these GIFs? Let us know in the comments below!
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Kursteen Lundy

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