10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Disney World Cast Member

Visiting Walt Disney World is a dream come true because it’s literally the happiest place on earth. The cast members are happy. The guests are happy. Even the ducks at all the parks and resorts are happy. But, if you’re a Disney world cast member, you’ll relate to these gifs even when you’re not having the happiest of days.

1) Attractions

This is the most safety critical position at Walt Disney world. Attractions can vary from spinning teacups to high speed roller coasters. No matter the intensity of the ride, Disney world cast members treat every guest with high care and concern. The last thing you want is to pull the wrong lever!

2) Costume Characters

After numerous auditions and extensive costume fittings, cast members can become iconic Disney characters. They can be Mickey Mouse one day and Daisy Duck another. Kids love to see their favorite characters walking down the street and saying hello. They might even jump on the cast member for a big hug. However, some kids might not be so pleased that the cast member is in their space as they greet the kid.

3) College Program Participants

As a prior college program participant, I can relate with this gif the most. Even though you are an official Disney world cast member, you find yourself counting down the days until your program ends. Sometimes, the days drag on for what seems like forever.

4) Transportation

Chauffeuring your siblings and drunk friends can be a drag or a chore but imagine being a bus driver at Disney world. They have a strict schedule to follow, exhausted and moody passengers to get to and from the parks and resorts without a delay. If there’s one thing that gets a guest fired up, it’s missing their dinner reservation.

5) Custodial

These are the brave souls that get little recognition. There are numerous codes for messy situations and these are the Disney World cast members called in to clean it up. Unfortunately, once a mess is cleaned up, another one has been created on a much worse scale.

6) Guest Relations

The magic words for any negative or positive guest situation are, “go see guest relations.” These cast members have to keep a brave face on because of the amount of guests they see on a daily basis who aren’t quite in the Disney spirit. These are the secret fairy godmothers of Disney world cast members.

7) Management

The backbone of the parks are the leaders and coordinators which are the management for front line cast members. They are the ones called in to guest situations that have escalated from a misunderstanding to a dramatic public scene. If there is anyone with thick skin, it’s the management at the parks. They have a system and it cannot be tampered with.

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8) Park Greeters

Have you ever seen an unhappy park greeter? Neither have I, and I worked at Disney World. That’s because it’s their job to make sure everyone coming into the park is happy and feeling good. They are the gatekeepers of the park and never want to be a damper on someone’s magical day. After hours of constant smiling, their lips can almost seem like molded plastic in a permanent shape of a smile

9) Photopass

We live in world of selfies and a photogenic generation. We love nothing more than to capture the moment we live and reflect on for years to come. The cast members responsible for this capture are in Photopass. They are easy to locate as they are stationed in front of iconic Disney World land marks such as the Chinese Theater, Cinderella’s castle, The Tree of Life, and Spaceship Earth. These Disney World cast members have to stand in the smoldering heat and protect their equipment from Florida monsoon weather. But, they will do whatever it takes to get a smile on your face for the perfect family portrait.

10) Security

Getting your bag checked is a tedious process that is necessary for the safety of the parks. Security at Disney is not as brass knuckle and tough nails as you think. These Disney world cast members are actually happy to make conversation with you and find out where you’re from. Much like the park greeters, Disney security wants to make sure you’re having a safe and happy experience.

If you’re a Disney World cast member, which gif do you relate with? Have you ever been a Disney World cast member? Let us know in the comments!
Featured Image Source: https://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20180531/33901/so-you-met-crabby-walt-disney-world-cast-member
Sarah Parfait

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