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10 Gifs That Describe Everyone’s Feelings About Summer Ending

10 Gifs That Describe Everyone’s Feelings About Summer Ending

These are some of the gifs that describe how we are feeling about summer ending. Here's how we're saying goodbye to summer.

Noooooo! Summer is almost over! Or is it yesssss finally? Everyone has a different feel about summer and that’s cool. Get it? Cool? No? Ok. Well here’re 10 gifs you’ll get. They accurately describe how everyones feeling right now about summer ending…

The Vamper

Been hiding away all summer? We understand. Not everyone enjoys the heat or the festivities. If you’ve been hiding away all summer this is how you feel when people realize this, and you’re modestly expressing your joy that it’s finally over.

A Gif Of A Man Looking Into The Camera

What It’s Over?

You’re tired of the sunburns, the sweat and are ready for some cool air and chill. When you finally hear it’s over this is you. Winter’s here! Yay! You’re definitely not ashamed of it. Does this accurately describe how you feel right now?

A Girl Waking Up Out Of Bed Confused And Then Very Happy

Ready For Every Season

Are you extremely dramatic and a lover of all seasons? Enjoyed summer but can bid it fair well easily? This gif accurately describes you then. You can kiss summer goodbye and get ready for the cold weather, easily.

A Man Kissing The Air With His Dressed In Costume


I know I know! You really loved summer and don’t want it to end. It’s ok Bruh. It’ll be back again next year. **Pats shoulder**

A Man Banging His Face On A Steering Wheel Repeatedly

Summer Aint Going Nowhere

Wait what? What’s going on here? Ooooh. You’re not letting summer go? So you have the power to control the weather now huh? Sprinkle a little summer dust around and it’s here to stay. This is you when you’re not letting summer go. Vacay until the last day. I aint going nowhere!

A Kid Dancing With Orange Glitter Going Everywhere


So Rich Don’t Care

When you’re ballin so you don’t care if summer is ending. You have an indoor pool or something, and a house on another always hot island that you’re gonna head to. You’re accurate feeling is this. It’s allllll goooood.

A Guy On A Pool Floaty Fully Dressed With Shades And A Drink

Heat Wave

When this has been your whole summer you should be ready for some cold weather. Please, stop the burning already. Does this accurately describe how you’re feeling right now, and how your summer’s been?

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Spongebob On Fire From Sun Being Too Close To Him

Cheers Mate

It was good while it lasted. Lets have a final toast to the summer. Just…one…last…one. I guess you’re feeling like it’s ok, this is a part of life, and it was memorable.

Small Animal Characters Cheering

Be An Adult About It

This accurately describes your feeling about summer when you’re really upset about it ending but you gotta be an adult about it. It’d be really out of place for you to overreact about a naturally occurring instance. Literally, it happens every year. Time to get used to it.

Drake Upset But Trying To Hide It

Yep That’s Right

When you’re not surprised by everyone’s reactions about summer ending. And worse you’ve probably heard about a million stories about feelings of summer ending and you’re just like yep…you’re right. It’s over.

A Woman Not Surprised About Something

Aww come on, winter is amazing too. Do these gifs accurately describe how you feel about summer ending? Let me know in the comments!

Featured Image: Weheartit
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