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10 GIFs Every Student At James Madison University Can Relate To

10 GIFs Every Student At James Madison University Can Relate To

We've put together some of the best GIFs every student at James Madison University can relate to. If you're a Duke, you'll definitely be able to relate.

There are so many GIFs that perfectly describe the life of a student at James Madison University. If you’re a Duke, you can probably relate….

1. Looking for study spots during finals week.

After trying every last spot you can think of you probably end up looking like a lost puppy in carrier in hopes of finding just one chair.

2. Seeing a puppy on the Quad.

You scream, yell, jump, and run after it. They’re just too cute.



3. Trying to make it to your class on east campus from the quad in 15 minutes.

Sometimes it’s your only choice and then you get stuck sprinting across campus if you miss the bus.

4. Making it to your 8 am.

I’m sure we’ve all struggled making it to early classes. And when you do, you feel like you deserve an award.


5. Checking Canvas.

Knowing you only have 6 weeks left to turn your grades around can be really emotional.

6. When you open your backpack on the third floor of Carrier.

I swear people get mad if you breath on the third floor.



7. Going to UREC (even if it’s just for health 100 requirements).

Just walking to the gym is a workout for me, so if I actually accomplish something I feel super fit.

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If you go to the University of Tampa, you’ll recognize some of the items listed below and (hopefully) get a laugh out of them. If you’re unfamiliar with our fair college, allow me to introduce you to life as a Tampa student with these comedic “would-you-rathers.” Enjoy!

8. Making it up the Godwin Steps.

You would think it would get easier doing it everyday…. it doesn’t.


9. Realizing that Topdog is closed.

Honestly, when is Topdog ever open?!

10. Enjoying Ehall Brunch on Sunday morning.

Dig in, you deserve it after a long night of studying… or partying.

11. Knowing you go to the best school ever!



What are your favorite GIFs every student at James Madison University can relate to?
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