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20 Gifs Every Gilmore Girls Fan Can Relate To

20 Gifs Every Gilmore Girls Fan Can Relate To

Every Gilmore Girls fan has those moments through the show that stick in your head. For me personally, I can quote every line while watching it. It’s a show that has brought together many generations who have fallen in love with the Gilmore’s and Stars Hollow. Keep reading for 20 gifs that any fan of Gilmore Girls can relate to!

1. More than a TV show.

Rory and Lorelai’s feelings about the Donna Reed show.

2. Coffee!

All fans know how important coffee is on the show. This is just one of the times where Lorelai tells Luke how she really needs coffee. I bet you have quoted this line numerous times.


3. Oh Michel, why did you tell Sookie?

Whenever you are having a bad day where you have no excitement going on in your life, just think of Sookie and you will feel better!

4. Why choose between being mad or sad?

Sookie explains how most women feel during that time of the month or during a really bad day where everything goes horribly wrong. Sookie was planning for the Bracebridge Dinner group and they ended up not being able to attend. They had the whole event planned and food already in the kitchen to be cooked. I would be smad too to have all those plans go down the drain.

5. Funny Phrases

If you just need a laugh, remember “oy” and “poodle” are some of the funniest words so putting them together gives a great new catch phrase! I take all of my phrases from Gilmore Girls.



6. Hangover cure!

Rory is 100% correct after a night of drinking and trying to deal with Logan while being hungover. We have all been there.

7. Motorcycles!

Lorelai has given every girl amazing dating advice! Just make sure not to throw your life away…


8. Speaking moron.

This is real for all the guys and girls out there when love is in the mix. Good luck!

9. Heroes come in all shapes.

We all wanted that mother daughter moment where your mom starts to sing about how you inspire her. Rory didn’t want that because she had two guys get in a fist fight over her and destroy a house. When do two guys ever fight for someone anymore?

10. Waking up is hard to do.

Let’s be honest, Lorelai’s ideas are always amazing! Make sure to get your pre-rest day so you can really appreciate your real rest day!


11. Books, Novels, Short Stories, Etc.

Rory always likes to be prepared for whatever kind of day she will have no matter where she is. Even when she was just taking the bus to Chilton, she has numerous books just in case so she has options. She brought a biography, a short novels book and her lunchtime book so she always had a backup.

12. Future Princess or future Vice President.

With the election, everyone was talking about who would be the next President of the United States. All I could think about was Paris during high school. There are probably some little girls out there that think like Paris. Personally, I wanted to be a princess.

13. Spring break with the crazy Paris.

Then again, Paris has always been a bit odd. I would be afraid if someone said that statement when we were about to go on a long drive for spring break with a bunch of other crazy drivers going on spring break too.


14. Futures while in college?

Every college student I have met is exactly like this. They have one thing planned then after that… It was a dark hole, never knew they might be into Game of Thrones and that they would be watching dragons. They never thought that there might be some dragons in their future like how Rory predicted.

15. No undies? No recognition…

When you can’t get someone’s attention, then try this trick! It did not work in this case but of course, Luke did hear them.

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16. Santa baby.

Luke has always been the sweetest guy. He always tried to make Lorelai feel better, even if it was with the grossest but cutest hamburger known to mankind. He was always there.

17. Flirty flirty!

Right after this he even brought Lorelai to the hospital. This is where everyone started to 100% want the two of them to get together. Look how cute they are and how they’re kind of acting like kids.


18. Gilmored!

When you make a friend, watch Gilmore Girls and they will get hooked! Even if this phrase also means that Emily and/or Richard “get in your head” and mess with your head to give you “a tightness in your chest and paralyzing weakness.” LOL you will still love them anyway.
Classic moment from Gilmore Girls!

19. Mother? Sister? Best friends?

Everyone that has watched Gilmore Girls has wished to have the same relationship that Rory and Lorelai have with their own Mom. Even at a graduation, they find a way to show off the goofy sides in a serious moment. They are basically the same person in separate bodies and share that bond which makes them so close.

20. The uncomfortable closeness.

There is this one time that Lorelai was so tired from waking up to go to the Yale versus Harvard Football Game that she asked a weird question to her daughter. At least she figured out what she had asked only seconds later.


On November 25th, we finally get to go home to Star Hollows and find out what has happened to all the characters and the town. All the original cast has come back and just by seeing the previews, there will be a lot of tears, laughter, happiness, the feeling of being home and maybe, even being smad!

What are you most excited about of the return of Gilmore Girls? Comment below and share the article!
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