10 GIFS Describing What It’s Like To Be An East Carolina University Student

What’s it actually like being a student at East Carolina University? Here are 10 GIFs that accurately describe what Pirate life is all about.

1. When the Dowdy Student Store is having a sale on merch.

2. When we beat NC State or another big rival.

3. When it’s finally the weekend.

4. When the football team loses (which we have been doing a lot this season).

6. When you’re professor says you can email him an assignment and then decides, AFTER IT’S DUE, they want only printed copies (yes, personal experience).

7. When you get put into a group project, but no one from the group helps or even shows up.

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8. When there’s an event in the mall giving out a lot of free Pirate gear.

9. When all of your friends are trying to stay with you for Halloweekend.

10. Going back to class on Monday after a long weekend.

Let us know what you think about what it’s like being a student at East Carolina University! Drop us a line!!
Featured Image Source:
Lydia Cone

English Education Major at East Carolina University.

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