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10 GIFs Describing What Its Like To Be An East Stroudsburg University Student

10 GIFs Describing What Its Like To Be An East Stroudsburg University Student

East Stroudsburg University student have fun. Here is what it is like to be a East Stroudsburg University student. Day in the life of a ESU student.

East Stroudsburg University, where warriors belong. And let’s be real, to survive ESU you got to be a warrior. Life is tough yet rewarding. Here’s 10 GIFs that only a ESU warrior will relate to.

1. On-campus food- it sucks.

We are hungry college kids, you would think food wouldn’t be an issue. But somehow, ESU survives with only two eating spots; both with abnormal opening hours and food that you question how it’s been cooked.

2. Walking back from Walmart with your groceries is a set-up for disaster

One hill and filled to the brim plastic shopping bags are not a good mix


3. Elevators that decide to break every second day

Not so much if you live in the new suites, but relatable for any traditional dorm student. I have been here for 3 months now and the elevator has broken at least 9 times now- living on the fourth floor is hell.

4. Always freezing, never able to turn off air-con in the suites

Live in the suites, they said. You get to control your own air con, they said.

5. Wifi, or should I say no wifi

Yeah, it’s there. Does it ever work? No.


6. Don’t bother with game day, unless you like a sore bottom

I don’t want to speak badly on the football team, so let’s just put it this way: don’t bother.

7. Trying to fit 9 people into a 5-seat car because no one wants to walk

Every freshmen’s biggest struggle

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8. 4-day party life

On a good weekend, possibly one of the nations most underrated party schools.

9. Winter is like an ice-bath

Being in the Poconos, we get hit with the winter weather pretty hard. You know this is true at East Stroudsburg University.

10. One big family

Small University= great bonds. East Stroudsburg University is a family environment.

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