10 GIFs Describing Watching The Oscars Everyone Can Relate To

The Oscars. The most anticipated night of the year.  The night people throw glamorous parties in their own home to host the fashion and culture event of the year.  The twitter reactions to “who is wearing what?” and “ Did he just say that on TV?”. I love going to the movies.  My husband and i see on average 2 movies a month. I don’t know if that is a lot, but most of my coworkers see about 3 movies a year, so it sometimes feels like a lot.  But then when we hear the top Oscar nominated films and i haven’t heard of half of them, all of the sudden I feel like I am behind. Here are 10 GIFS that everyone can relate to when they watch the Oscars.

What is she Wearing?

It is fashion’s biggest night.  It is the night, where EVERY female gets asked What she is wearing.  Most of the time we are “wow-ed” and “awe-d” at what gorgeous colors and styles people are representing.  However there is going to be that ONE. That one “lil Kim’, J-Lo or Sia who will go above and beyond or maybe the opposite of “not enough”   But we yearn for that don’t we? That ONE that is stepping outside the box …just to spark some conversation.

10 GIFS describing watching the Oscars

So much confusion.

How many times have you sat through the Oscars and been completely clueless as to what was happening?  Have you ever heard of these movies? Or nominees? I remember last year when THE SHAPE OF WATER won best picture.  It was on of the few nominated movies I had scene. While i thought i was a cool artistic piece, and a VERY odd but interesting story, My first thought was: How bad were the other movies that THIS movie beat it out for best film?  Seriously, it was interesting but weird.

10 GIF Describing watching the Oscars

Did he really just say that?

The opening monologue is the best part of the Oscars.  At least the best part until the end. We can’t wait to see who the host is going to roast, or pick at or tear into pieces.  Most of the time it is side-splitting funny. Other times it is shocking and awkward. Either way, you are looking forward to the headline in the morning newspaper to see how far they could go.

10 GIFS describing watching the Oscars

Rooting for the Underdog.

I am a big supporter of the underdogs.  I am always excited to see the new guy win.  Whether it is a newcomer who just made their first movie and created a little buzz for themselves, or if it’s the Susan Lucci of the Oscars who have been nominated 10 times and never won.  For me it’s always a happy moment.

10 GIFS describing watching the Oscars

Is it over yet?

Honestly, is it necessary for the Oscars to last for  three hours? It takes longer to present 12 awards that it does to tell a 2 hours story about a haunted house, or a clock in the wall or an astronaut going to space.  It’s ridiculous. You tune in right away for the opening monologue and the first two arads, then you spend the next 2 and half hours flipping the channel to see what else is on while all of the cinematography and sound design awards go to. If i have to sit through one more sound award of CGI gunfire and explosions,  I will fall asleep.

10 GIFS describing watching the oscars

Congratulations … AGAIN

I love Meryl Streep just as much as the next guy, but after hearing that she stayed in Character on and OFF set to Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, I think it’s time she gives the tiara a little break.  Honestly, if she is not nominated one year ( probably by mistake) then she is receiving a lifetime achievement award for something. Let the rest of Hollywood shine just a little bit Meryl. For real.

10 GIFS describing the Oscars

Are we to Best Film yet?

Seriously, all the stalling, ALL the commercial breaks and the teasers and intros.  Just get to point already. Cut the speeches short unless its the underdog who just won.  Then give them an extra second to say I told you so.

10 GIFS describing the Oscars

Boo!  Get off the stage!

There is always the the one moment.  The one joke. The one speech that is a little bit of a turn off.  Whether it is inappropriate or you are like me and you are tired of hearing this person speak nonsense on live television, I am personally not afraid to BOO the television.  Or throw my show at it. Either way, mission accomplished.

10 GIFS Describing the Oscars

Saving the Day.

As many moments as there are of Booing at the TV and being bored through a long night of people coming on stage when you are not sure how they are famous ( *ahem -The WHOLE Kardashian Family I am looking at you), There are ALWAYS moments of someone saving the day.  Whether it’s that under dog surprising everyone for the win, or the host who comes back so quickly with a very quick worded joke to counteract the dismal speech just before, its moments like this that keep us tuned in.

10 GIFS describing the Oscars

How Embarrassing! 

And then just like that, there HAS to be something embarrassing that happens.  Whether it’s on the red carpet with an awkward exchange between celebrities, or falling on your way to get an award, or pulling a John Travolta and saying, not only the wrong name, but no audible name it all.  It is a moment we hope doesn’t happen, but at the same time hope it does to remind us that celebrities are just like us. Goofy and awkward.

10 GIFS describing the Oscars

Which part of the Oscars is your favorite?  Best Actor?  Best Film?  The opening Monologues?  People falling up the stairs to get their award?  We tune in for all of these don’t we?  Which GIF Describing the Oscars do you relate to?
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