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10 GIFs That Describe Being An Appalachian State University Student

10 GIFs That Describe Being An Appalachian State University Student

Appalachian State University students are fun. Here is what it is like to be a student at Appalachian State University. Here's to the ASU students.

If you have spent anytime in Boone, you may realize that life here is a little different than anywhere else. Enjoy these GIFs that describe the fun and struggles that Appalachian State University students go through.

1. A Nice Day of Relaxing in an Eno

2. Enjoying the Warm Weather


3. Listening to the Boy That Plays Bag Pipes on Sanford

There is nothing more amusing than this bag pipe player on Sanford.

4. Watching How Slack Lining Club is Going

Only would there be a slack lining club atĀ Appalachian State University.


5. Stopping to Pet a Nice Guy’s Dog on Sanford

Sanford is full of cute pups and there are always people you want to stop on the street so you can pet their dog. I wonder how annoyed they get with us since we always want to play with their dogs.


6. How to Make it to Class When it Rains

7. Studying Hard on the “Semi-Quiet” Floor of the Library

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8. Anytime You Walk Through the Expression Tunnels

9. Watching People Get Out of a Beeper

It’s like a damn clown car.


10. Calling Saferide

You know these thoughts are all too relatable forĀ Appalachian State University students. This is the best school in the world and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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