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10 GIFs That Accurately Describe What It’s Actually Like To Be A Student At The University of Florida

10 GIFs That Accurately Describe What It’s Actually Like To Be A Student At The University of Florida

There are certain things that make you a UF student. Here are 10 GIFs that describe being a student at University of Florida.

“We are the boys of old Florida,” and once you become a student, there are certain parallels in everyone’s life. We all bleed orange and blue and end almost any meeting with “Go Gators!” There are a few things that aren’t as highly mentioned that truly mark you as an UF Student. Here are 10 GIFs that describe being a student at University of Florida.

Free Food Brings You To The Event.

free food

It’s college, and the Gator Nation knows the struggle is real when it comes to eating. When there’s an event with free food everyone knows and everyone is there.


People Fall Asleep Everywhere.

tired sleeping everyone

There are two conditions that promote campus-wide sleepiness; exam week and a beautiful day. A nice sunny day with a good breeze equals somebody asleep on almost every grass patch or open bench. It’s hilarious but so relatable to just take the time and soak up the day. On the somber flip-side, exam week gets so crazy people fall asleep right on top of their books when they’re trying to study. #WE’RETIREDUF

 You Wear Glasses Everywhere.

avoding everything


It’s Florida aka the Sunshine state, so glasses are always appropriate. You can always catch someone putting on glasses once outside, but those glasses aren’t just for blocking the sun…they also prevent people from talking to you. Sometimes you just want to be on your way and avoid eye contact and conversation with people and the best way to do that is with large glasses and headphones.



protest gif


There is a 90% chance if you walk through Turlington there will be a protest or a very loud discussion about something happening in the world or right here on campus. If you happen to miss walking by a protest, it’ll probably be on your UF class page or all over Snapchat within the hour.

Almost or not caring about being hit by the bus.

almost getting hit or wanting to be hit by a bus

School is stressful, and there are some moments you zone out so far you just don’t look and almost have your life snatched by the bus or you just stop caring altogether and cross the street when you want and where you want. RTS is crazy, and even if you are careful, you come close to the end of your life just standing by the curb.


Walking to class and trying to survive the Florida heat.

We’re in Florida, and it’s hot. It’s just that simple. You can be outside for five minutes and need deodorant by the time you sit down for class, and there are definitely some cases where people need that.

Free Gator gear makes you an awkward twin.

same outfit


Just like free food, free t-shirts are offered at hundreds of events throughout the semester. Naturally, as college students on a budget everyone jumps on the chance for free clothes and because of this, there come many awkward moments when you run into someone wearing the same thing as you.

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You drink an abnormal amount of Gatorade.

drinking gatorade

No matter what your feels about were before, you’re going to drink more Gatorade than you have in your entire life. The drink was created on our campus, so it makes sense that it’s an option at every restaurant in Gainesville and available in every vending machine.

There are classes everyone fails.


As a top academic school, there are classes in every major that a majority of students just don’t perform well in. You have to prepare yourself and try to learn enough to do well when you retake it.

You take the weekend pretty seriously.

Whether it’s finally getting caught up on all the work that had you swamped, catching up on sleep, or just celebrating the end of your week, everyone on campus has a plan for their weekend. Most people start talking about their plans by Wednesday and last minute plans rarely exist. Out here we study hard and party hard too.

How would you describe being a student at University of Florida?
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