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Getting Along Without a Car in College

Getting Along Without a Car in College

Having a car in college has its pros and cons. It gives you more freedom and you have a way to conveniently go wherever you want, but it has its problems too. Between gas and insurance, having a car can be very costly. Also, you’ll have people who just mooch off you for rides. You also run the risk of some drunk college kid trying to break into your car or key it just for fun. Luckily, there are many ways of getting around college and town without a car.


Walking is a great way to get around, especially if your campus is small. It can also help keep off the freshmen 15 because you’ll be burning more calories than you would if you drove everywhere. Plus it’s better for the environment and saves it money!




Biking is another great way to burn calories and save yourself some money, as well as minimize your carbon footprint. And the good news is that many colleges offer services that allow students to rent a bike for a day or a semester so that you don’t have to go out and buy your own.


Public Transportation

This is a little more costly than walking or biking but it will be less expensive than driving. Public transport is usually more convenient for those going to larger college campuses or schools located in a city.  Also, check with your school to see if they have their own transportation. Some schools work out deals so that students have free access to public buses. My small school offers transportation to the train station and airport before breaks, and will occasionally plan a trip to different cities so students without cars had their chance to leave campus.



Car rentals/share programs

My school also offered cars that students could rent for a few hours or for a day when they knew that they would need to go somewhere, and many other campuses do too. As long as you know far enough in advance, this is a perfect option.

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Friends with cars

Have a friend that has a car? It’s okay to ask them for a ride every once in a while, just don’t abuse the privilege. If they drive you around a lot or are taking you somewhere far, give them some gas money to reimburse them, and they’ll be more likely to keep driving you around.

friend with car


Get creative

Rollerblade or long board around campus. I’ve even seen people on scooters. You’re at college, have some fun with it!