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Get Your At Home Cozy Outfit Inspo Here

With many stay home order still in place across the country and the cold weather approaching, it’s time to break out the at home cozy outfits. Or, maybe you’re in need of ideas on how to step up the style in your at home cozy outfits. Remember you can still be stylish in your at home cozy outfits and dressing up helps your mental state. So get cozy and confident with these inspirational items. 

Cardigan Curl Up

There’s nothing better than the invention of this socially acceptable robe. They add the perfect level of comfort and warmth to your at home cozy outfit especially when the weather isn’t quite warm and isn’t quite cold. Put it on in the morning over a tank top and cute bralette so if you have some unexpected company, or need to leave the house in a pinch you’ll be ready. 

This magic piece of clothing can dress up any outfit. Consider throwing it over a long sports bra when putting a shirt and a bra and a cardigan on for the day just isn’t in the stars for you. Dress it up and feel lavish when you pair your cardigan with a silk tank top. Your at home cozy outfit completed with a cardigan helps you feel presentable and polished. 

Slipper Snuggles

Wearing your at home cozy outfit should put you in a happy mood, but it’s kind of hard to be happy when you can’t feel your feet. Cold feet affect your mood and can make you more irritable ruining a perfectly comfy outfit. Thankfully slippers make the perfect addition to your at home cozy outfit. You can pick some that are built for the outside or ones solely for inside purposes. There’s plenty of styles to choose from that will compliment any at home cozy outfit style.

From bootie slippers to the recently back in style loafers to slides to flip flop slippers your feet are covered no matter the temperature or the occasion. If you have more slippers in your closet than going out shoes, well, that’s winning in our books. 

Cotton Romper Cool

Rompers are the go-to outfits in summer, but they can transition into the colder months and help you achieve the ultimate cozy level. Just imagine the bliss of only having to put on one piece of clothing in the morning. So easy. So cozy. Feel fancy while lounging in your at home cozy outfit the new trend is spiking demand and companies like Shien, Gap, Athleta, Up West, and many more are serving up the product. 

They are a perfect solution for the changing season and offer a comfortable option for those living in the warmer part of the country. The loose and free moving nature of this at home cozy outfit makes it ideal for a day of chores, reading, or meal prepping. When certain parts of your day are difficult or demanding, your outfit doesn’t have to be. 

Fuzzy Sock Fun

If you want to pull a “Risky Business” and only wear a top while you slide around in the house in your socks, we applaud you. Whether they are the staple piece or an added accessory, you can’t go wrong with having fuzzy socks for your at home cozy outfit. Remember you lose a lot of body heat from your feet so you better keep those puppies warm if you want to stay toasty. Fuzzy socks provide a great alternative to slippers which some may find too bulky to wear around the house. If you think about it, they are kind of like cardigans for your feet, just enough to keep them warm but not enough to be restricting. They are a definite must for any at home cozy outfit especially as the weather begins to cool down. 

Yoga Gear

These clothes are made to be comfortable no matter how you bend or twist your body, or don’t. Yoga gear easily takes first place when it comes to stylish athleisure clothing. An added benefit for this at home cozy outfit is you can find your flow at any point in your day after putting this outfit on in the morning. If nothing else, it at least gives you the appearance of someone who is working out, and that still counts in our books. 

The often lightweight material means you won’t be sweltering in this at home cozy outfit but you’ll still be comfortable. The trendy designs and soothing colors make them acceptable to wear out in public and you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons if you desperately need to leave your house. 

Bike Shorts & Sweater

Are you cold but also hot? No problem this at home cozy outfit combo easily solves that problem. Either a sweater or an oversized sweatshirt will pull this outfit together and leave you free to lounge around for the rest of the day. When you put on a sweater or an oversized sweatshirt you’ve basically dressed in a hug for the rest of the day.

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Sweatpants & Bodysuit

Break out the bodysuits because they aren’t just meant for a girl’s night out. They work just as easily for a girl’s night in. This 90’s look made a fierce comeback for both style and comfort purposes. It’s a party up top and lounge on the bottom look that’s sure to leave you loving your cozy at home outfit. It might not be the first thing you think of when coming up with ideas for a body suit, but you’ll never want to wear it any other way again. 

Bohemian Pants

Bring some life and color into your cozy at home outfit with the bright patterns and free-flowing cut of bohemian pants. It’s hard not to think of these pants as just socially acceptable pajama pants, but actually, that’s the best way to describe them. The entire vibe associated with these pants emit care-free and go with the flow which is the exact mental state you should be in when wearing your cozy at home outfit.

Don’t Judge The Jeans

Jeans might not be the first piece of clothing that comes to mind when thinking of comfortable clothing, but don’t discredit them just yet. Thankfully, we’ve moved past the restricting and circulating interrupting skinny jeans for what’s in style. Honestly, it’s the best thing to happen to our generation. With mom jeans and high-waisted jeans back in style, it’s easy to understand why people never opted for leggings over jeans in the past. On days when you have a lot of tasks you need to get done, and you need to feel motivated, put on a pair of jeans. Research shows when you dress in a more professional manner (jeans constitute for professional in the at home cozy outfit category) you perform better. So, don’t judge the jeans you can be comfortable and get shit done in these miracle pants. 

What’s your go-to outfit when you’re wanting to feel cozy at home? Share this article with your friends so they’re prepared for the quickly approaching cold season.

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