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Get This Nail Design According To Your Personality

Treating yourself to a manicure is a great way to unwind but with so many colors and designs to choose from, it can be hard to pick out which one suits you best. That is why we are here to help; here is the guide to what nail design to get according to your personality!

1. Organized

The first nail design on our list is one for those of you who are highly punctual and organized; if you ensure that you are always prepared any time, any place then this nail design is for you. A simple, geometric design reflects your organized personality while at the same time not being too rigid or rough around the edges. Instead, the design demonstrates that an organized personality just means that you like things to be balanced and fair. This nail design is perfect for anyone who likes to be punctual and reliable but also strays away from seeming too black and white, which creates the perfect balance for those of us who love balance!

2. Optimist

If you are somebody who looks for the good in everything and everyone, you are going to want to opt for a nail design that screams optimist. As you try living your life in the most positive way possible, you should do so with bright and colorful nails that have a flowery nail design! Optimists often try to surround themselves with pretty and happy things, which is why opting for a flowery and fun nail design is perfect, especially when the color scheme includes colors such as yellows or pinks. Other options include: Colorful swirls, each nail a different color, or sparkles!

3. Minimalist

Nothing beats a stylish minimalist nail design, especially if you are somebody who really enjoys simple things in life. There are a wide variety of ways you can go about a minimal design, depending on how simple you want it or what color scheme you are going for. One example, like the one pictured above, is a more simple but yet still modern twist on french nails. Another way you could incorporate your minimalist personality into your nail design is by opting to have a more unique design, but only on one nail. For example, keep 4/5 nails on one hand in a neutral color, such as white or beige, and the other nails in a fun design, such as hearts or stars!

4. Adventurous

If you are someone who enjoys not playing by the rules and carving your own path, you’ll need a nail design that is a unique twist on a traditional design. One of our personal favorites is the reverse french nail with a fun design and color scheme, like the one pictured above. If you have an adventurous personality, this means that you like to experiment on everything from your hobbies to different nail designs. Reverse french tips is the epitome of taking something traditional and turning it into something more personalized to you! Take chances with your nail designs by incorporating a little bit of yourself into the design.

5. Serious, But Chic

If you are somebody who is a little more serious but still aims to maintain a chic and stylish look, this nail design is for you. For this vibe, color choice plays a huge role; you are going to want to opt for more serious colors such as a dark brown or black. Then, nail design comes into play. You don’t need to keep it too rigid and serious when you also want your nails to look chic. Instead, you want a nail design that is serious with undertones of trendiness and style such as subtle swirls or a twist on french tips.

6. Down To Earth

For those of you who have a more down to earth personality, opting for a simple nail design with earthy tones is the best fit! Colors such as sage green, brown, beige, or other neutrals are the best and you can even incorporate a small design if you wanted to add a little something else. Some examples of simple and earthy designs include: Thick swirls, green french tips, or brown polka dots; the key is in the color scheme when it comes to manicures for those with a down to earth personality!

7. Outgoing

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Steering away from down to earth and going in the opposite direction, those who have an outgoing personality have a wide range of options for nail design. That is because those with an outgoing personality are willing to try anything. In fact, it may be difficult to pick just one nail design which is why we recommend not limiting yourself! Throw a different design on each nail or experiment with a super bright and fun color scheme, the opportunities are endless. You may want to take a fun twist on traditional designs such as swirly and colorful french nails or flowers on your tips, or even different colors on each nail!

8. Direct

If you have a more direct personality, meaning you like to get things done quickly, never lose focus, and always do things your way, you might prefer a more classic and clean nail design. As someone who is direct and knows what they want, you may not have time to try to find a unique design and color scheme, which is why opting for simple or more traditional designs works perfectly for you. For example, you may want to do a chic white french tip with a little extra line, or you may even want to keep it even more simple and settle for just a beige color!

9. Creative

For the creative people out there, picking out a nail design is easy because you can come up with any vision to put art right on your finger tips. The manicure pictured above is a perfect example of how those of you who strive with their creative personalities can personalize their manicures just as much as they personalize any of their other creative ideas! Whether it be fun and interesting swirls, animal prints or even a funky artistic design such as an eyeball, the options are quite literally endless. As long as you have the time to sit in a nail design chair for as long as it takes, your nails will be the perfect reflection of your creative personality!

We hope this guide helps you decide which nail design to get at your next appointment based on your personality!

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