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How to Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Lazy

How to Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Lazy

This winter hasn’t exactly been a snowy one, but I know it’s definitely been a lazy one. Cold seasons bring laziness. This winter has also been an extremely long one- don’t forget summer will eventually be here! But, I get it; you don’t even want to get out of bed to go to class let alone the gym…I am here to provide some of the things that help me get motivated in my laziest of times. Rainy days are harder than sunny days, but you can’t let the rain stop you from your day!

Prioritize your plans and actually stick to them.

The first thing I do when I start the week is make a plan. I didn’t always do this, but when the laziness overcame me I knew I needed to do something about it. I struggled with this at first. I would make a plan for my week on Sunday, and when Monday would come I would ditch my plan. I found myself making excuses for everything. Do some of these sound familiar? “I have too much homework” or “I’m too tired” or “I just can’t even” or the most famous one of all “I’ll do it tomorrow.” I made about every excuse in the book for why I couldn’t do things.

Push your body to get active.

Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to be lazy- but being lazy everyday is a very bad habit that attracts other bad habits. There are a lot of health reasons why you shouldn’t be lazy. First, exercise is awesome for you and if you don’t exercise you are most likely feeding your laziness. Getting to the gym and staying at the gym might be hard, maybe start with a class to help guide you or go with a friend. Once you get the hang of going to the gym, you will realize how much more motivated you feel.


Eat healthier foods.

Eating healthily is something you should strive for. Eating healthy is not easy!! You also can’t jump right into eating healthy, if you’re like me, I missed the hell out of my junk food. I entertained this idea to myself slowly. It soon became a habit that I wanted to continue- it made me feel better. Eating healthy will make you feel so good you will want to get out of bed on that rainy day!

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Establish a healthy routine that works.

Having a routine is the best thing to create when you struggle with being unmotivated. If you don’t make a plan, you most likely will continue to feel unmotivated. It helps to be organized in order to get motivated. Like I said, it is okay to be lazy some days, but not all the time! When you are caught trying to make every excuse in the book about why you can’t do something- think about the long term effects. Is staying in bed really going to make me feel better? Will I be rocking that beach bod if I stay in bed and eat my ramen, rather than going to the dining hall and the gym!? However, if you get in a routine, you want to make sure it is a healthy routine. Make sure you take time to be lazy. Sometimes we forget to be lazy when we are SO motivated to do things. Take care of your body and the rest will follow along!


Wake up early.

I hated it at first, but it gives you a much longer day and if you want to be lazy for an hour during that day, you can!

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