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How to Get Motivated To Work Out During The Winter

How to Get Motivated To Work Out During The Winter

If you are in a similar part of the world that I am, you know the pain of wishing, praying, and hoping for spring to get here, and get here fast. Last I checked, the groundhog that everyone talks about around the first of February decided, yet again, to not be a bro and we still have several weeks left of winter. Have no fear, though, I am here to help you get motivated to work out and get fit by this spring. Just follow these simple tips below to get your butt to the gym…no matter how cold it may be.

Invest in some cute workout clothes.

This sounds a little silly, but hear me out. With so many options for cute running tights, leggings, and dry-fit shirts there are adorable workout clothes everywhere. Once you invest in some of these comfortable and fun outfits, you’re going to want to wear them, which means you’ll be that much more motivated to work out and show off the new swag at the gym!

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Ask yourself, “Will I really regret going to the gym?”

I’m going to go ahead and say the answer to this will probably be no. What do you have to lose? Some pounds? Awesome. Then, once you’re there, continue asking yourself if you will regret continuing or pushing yourself to workout harder. You might feel the regret peaking on your way there, if it’s about 15 degrees outside, but that should just motivate you to get there faster.


Go with a group!

This should be at the top ways to get motivated to work out, because when I asked all of my housemates how they get motivated to get to the gym in the cold, all of them stated that it helps a ton to go with at least one other person. It’s always better to roll up to the gym with your clique.


Think of the possibility of that cute guy or girl from your class being there.

Even simply imagining that he or she is there could help your motivation! Then do a workout plan you are completely confident in and show off a little. Trust me, that’ll help with the little extra push.


Create an awesome playlist.

Nikki Minaj, Future, and even Justin Bieber’s new stuff are a few of my faves. The faster the beat, the better. It’ll encourage you to work out to the beat of the music and as a result, you’ll work up that sweat faster. You can also listen to it on your walk or drive to the gym to hype you up and get you motivated to work out before you even arrive.

Reward yourself.

Now I’m not saying purge, that will just cancel everything you just worked so hard for. I am saying that once you are done at the gym, it’s okay to indulge in something small. Craving ice cream? Go ahead and have a scoop. Feel like lounging the rest of the day in bed curled up with Netflix? You’ve earned it. Need something warm and delicious to beat the cold weather? Go make yourself some hot chocolate!

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Track your progress.

Think how far you will come by the time Spring Break rolls around. Hello beach vacation! By tracking your progress in a journal or even a work out app on your phone, your motivation to do better everyday will go up immensely. Push yourself to beat the previous days’ weight or run time and you’ll see results in no time.


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According to the numerous weather apps on my phone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Stay busy and warmer weather will be here soon enough. A great way to stay busy and prepare yourself for the spring is to get to your local gym, work up a sweat and get that great endorphin high we all know and love. I hope some of my tips will help you and your friends to get motivated to work out…even if that means a cold, long trek to the gym!

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