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How To Get Discounts On Textbooks

Everyone knows that textbooks are one of your biggest expenses in college, aside from tuition. I’ve compiled a small list of places where students can buy or rent discount textbooks (and sell them back too!) and save money while doing it. Hopefully you can discover that buying textbooks doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you know how to get discounts on textbooks. The First thing you should do is to search to see who offers the best price for the textbooks you are looking to buy. Stop throwing away your money at the campus bookstore and use those textbook discounts!

1. Valorebooks

Using Valorebooks, you can save up to 90% on your textbook costs. Just like at your campus bookstore, you can buy new, used, or rent books, depending on what you prefer. If you buy a book and realize that you don’t need it or you got the wrong one, they offer a 30 day  money back guarantee, and the shipping will be free. And you can sell your books to Valore books at the end of the semester! And if you use Studentrate, you’ll get an additional 5% cash back when you sell back your books.

2. BookRenter

Looking to rent your books for the semester? Look no further than BookRenter to help you save up to 80% on your books. Plus you get free shipping! They have a 21-day satisfaction return policy, and when you’re renting your books, you can choose from 5 different rental periods. That way, you won’t have to rent a book for the entire semester when you only need it for a few weeks. And at the end of the semester, you don’t have to worry about selling your books back (or else having them sit on your shelf gathering dust) because you have to return them anyway. And you get free shipping then too. But if you decide you want to keep it, you can! Plus at Studentrate, you’ll get 5% off when you rent 3 textbooks or more! Which we all know, you’ll definitely need more than 3 textbooks.

3. is another great place to get used textbooks. Like with Valorebooks, they have a 30 day return policy and you’ll get free shipping on your books. Plus you’re saving money by buying used books which are always cheaper than buying new. Since students are always selling back their books, you’ll definitely be able to find any book that you need, and you can sell back your books at the end of the semester for a great price. You’ll also get 5% cash back on your purchase at when you shop through Studentrate!

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Stop throwing away your money at the campus bookstore! Check out any of these three websites for how to get discounts on textbooks. And don’t forget to visit Studentrate first!

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