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How To Get A Better-Looking Booty


The booty. Men write songs about it, women dream to perfect it. But for some of us, well, we’re just not graced with the magical powers of thy derriere. BUT (no pun intended), there are a few simple tricks to help your booty stand out, and they’re all in the jeans (not genes, unfortunately).

Find the right pair for your body. The right pair of jeans can make or break and woman’s backside. Rule of thumb – go for fitting jeans with some stretch, especially at the waistline. Whether skinny or straight, a well-fitted pair of jeans will help accent the curves of your booty, not hide them, and the stretch will allow for a rounder, perkier behind.


Dark wash jeans, even though they’re great for slimming legs, can make those less-butt-fortunate behinds appear smaller. If you’re in need of some extra junk in the trunk, shy away from dark jeans and go for pastels, medium or light wash jeans, or even white denim.  High-waist jeans are greats for cinching the smallest part of your waist, making your butt appear bigger.

Pockets are the second major cause of not-so-Beyonce booties. Pockets placed higher on the butt make your butt appear fuller, however too high on your backside will give you a “mom butt,” otherwise known as the anti-butt.

Back pockets that sit too low on your jeans will make your butt look flatter and cut the lines that give your booty shape.

When denim diving, look for pockets that sit at the fullest part of your butt or slightly above your cheeks. Pockets positioned with a slight inward angle create a rounder look as well. If you’re looking to draw even more attention, go for back pockets with some sort of embellishment, like unique stitching, buttons, sequence or colored thread. I love jeans with back flap pockets because they add more shape and a sort of sexy complexity! True Religion has great jeans with flashy back pockets!

Be careful to avoid pockets that are too small or too big, and pocket-less pants can sometimes be risky.


Still need some extra lift? Break out the pumps. Now, I’d hate to tell you to suffer through an entire night of uncomfortable heels, but they do number on a girl’s behind. Wearing high heels forces you to arch your lower back, giving your butt a toned, perkier look. I usually go for a pair of wedges to ease some of the pain or slip a pair of insoles into my favorite nude heels. Your feet may not thank you but your butt certainly will

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And remember that thing called exercise? Yeah, that’ll help too. And an easy solution for a small bum? Squats. Luckily, squats are easy, quick, and you see results fast. Do 2 reps of 20 squats at least three or four days a week. For a challenge, hold weights on either side or out in front of you. Lunges and kick backs are also great to tone your booty. 

So next time you want to walk in with an itty-bitty, waist, remember:  Jeans matter, pockets aren’t just for loose change, and squats are  your friend.


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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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