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How To Get Around Your College Campus Without a Car

How To Get Around Your College Campus Without a Car

The first day of your freshman year of college is approaching and you’re praying that your parents surprise you with a car. Days are winding down and you’re beginning to lose hope. Finally, reality sets in and you realize that for your first semester of your freshman year you will be without transportation. Don’t worry- you’re not alone. Keep reading for helpful ways to get around your college campus without a car.

How to get around campus without a car

Getting around your college campus without a car is easier than you’d think.

I know what you’re thinking: “How am I going to get around?” Well, let me be the first to tell you that it is easier than you might think. I know this because I have been there, (still currently am there and I’m a rising junior) and I manage to get around just fine.

Don’t underestimate the power of your own two feet.

First of all, don’t take your own two feet for granted! I walk where I need to go, depending on how long of a walk it is. Let’s not forget legs are our very own modes of free transportation. It’s healthy to walk around your campus from class to class.



Hitch rides with your friends.

Hitching rides when your friends are going places is one of the easiest things to do. If you need to go to the store for groceries or other necessities, ask when they plan on going and if they don’t mind if you tag along. Whenever one of my friends invites me to the store I usually go even if I don’t have a list made of items- I never know when I am going to need something so I would rather just play it safe.

When you need to run last minute errands.

Ask your friend to borrow their car in exchange for gas $ or a favor.

However, there are certain days that require you to run a last minute errand that you weren’t able to prepare for. In that case, hopefully you have a friend that has a flexible schedule and can go with you to the store OR they’re willing to let you take their car. Now, I don’t recommend this one because anything could happen (accident, car break down etc.) but sometimes you got to do what you got to do and there is no other way around it. Offer to throw them some gas money or to run an errand for them while you’re out.


Download Uber.

Using an Uber has become a really popular way to travel around your college town! It’s like a taxi but cheaper! You would have to download the app off of your smart phone, set up an account, and whenever you need to go somewhere call for an Uber, they’ll pick you up and take you where you want to go! It’s really a great way to travel and completely safe, so you won’t need to worry about being kidnapped!

Download Lyft.

Lyft is something I just heard about and from what I understand it’s pretty similar to an uber! At the end of your trip whether with an uber or lyft you pay the driver when you arrive at your destination with your phone!

Rent a Zipcar.

Ever heard of a zipcar? I hadn’t either so I did some research and it looks pretty cool! You first have to join by applying in the app on your smart phone or online and once you get approved, the company will send you a zipcard which will enable you to access their vehicles around the world. Booking is easy, it can be for one day or an entire week, however long you need it for! Zipcar is becoming the smartest way to drive around cities. You don’t own the car but you’re able to drive it whenever you need it.


A car doesn’t have to be the only vehicle you use.

A car does not have to be your only go-to when you want to get from one place to another.

Invest in a scooter.

Many students are investing in motorized scooters, and while you most definitely could invest in the motorized scooter you stand up in, I am talking about the kind you sit down on. These scooters are relatively safe because they can only go up to 30 MPH (perfect for puttering around campus) and they are less than $1,000. (Which is still less than a car!)

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Ride a bicycle.

A bicycle is an excellent source of transportation and you get a little exercise by riding one. They aren’t as dorky as they may have seemed in high school, and so many people in college use them, because: #priorities.

Use a hover board, skateboard, long board…

Hover boards have become another way of cruising through campus towns. Can’t afford a hover board? Long boards as well as skateboards are extremely popular in college towns these days.



Get creative.

What better place than college to experiment and have fun learning a new talent? Heck, I’ve seen a person on my campus riding around on a unicycle-his balance is amazing might I add. There are so many ways of getting around your college town, you need to get creative.

Last bit of advice.

Getting around in your college town without a car is not a terribly difficult task. It just depends on your perspective and what you have at your disposal. Personally, I stick to hitching rides with my friends if I know we’re going to the same place. I’m thinking about investing in a bike, mainly because I live across campus now so getting to and from might get difficult for me. Regardless, don’t feel stressed out about not having a car because there will be a way for you to get where you need to go.

What are some other ways students can get around their college campus without a car? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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