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Get Ahead Of The Game: Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

Fall 2021 fashion trends are finally here! It may seem so very far away, considering summer has barely even started yet, but trust me, the fall will sneak up on us fast! It’s important to get ahead on your seasonal fashion trends to know what kind of clothes to buy and where to buy them from. Fall 2021 fashion trends are not just a variety of sweaters, though sweaters are obviously included in the mix. There are fabrics that will be in style, colors, patterns, and more to look out for. Keep reading to see your favorite fall 2021 fashion trends and rock the upcoming fall season better than anyone else!

1. Sequins

You know what they say, sequins are a girl’s best friend. Do they say that? Well, they should because this has got to be one of my favorite fall 2021 fashion trends! Sequins can spice up any outfit, whether it be as small as sequins on jewelry or as jaw-dropping as a sequined dress. There are so many fun ways to style sequins and I was so happy when I heard they’re going to be popular in the fall 2021 fashion trends. A lot of people classify sequins as more of a summertime or winter-only style, nobody really thinks to wear them in fall. Fall means cozy. But who said sequins can’t be cozy yet fabulous? A sequin sweater on a dinner date night? Don’t mind if I do! Be sure to check out shops like Nordstrom and Shein as they will surely have plenty of sequined things in store for fall 2021.

2. Saturated Colors

I have always been such a huge fan of saturated colors, like this vibrant yellow tone in the dress below. Fall is such a fun time to take great pictures because of the beautiful fall foliage and vibrant leaves. With saturated colors, you will easily be able to capture a gorgeous photo with the best color scheme! Who knew fall 2021 fashion trends could come in handy like that?!

3. Tailored Suits

Tailored suits are one of the most GORGEOUS fall 2021 fashion trends–I mean look at them! They are elegant, classy, sexy, chic and everything in between! You can dress it up or dress it down- wear it to work or wear it to lunch in the city with friends for a shopping trip! The possibilities are endless–definitely check out some upscale stores like Nordstrom or Ann Taylor Loft or Ralph Lauren for some nice tailored suits for fall 2021!

4. Knits

Knit sweaters. The most fall type of clothing there is, so of course, it is going to be one of the biggest fall 2021 fashion trends! Knit sweaters are so cute because they are comfortable and super easy to dress up or down- the choice is totally yours! You can wear knit sweaters just lounging around the house, or you could dress it up with leather pants and booties for a night out in the fall.

5. Headscarves

Headscarves are a huge part of fall 2021 fashion trends for they can keep us super warm and look stylish too. You may have already seen people rock the silk head scarf trend, which is totally something we could keep up with in the fall, but wearing a more knit headscarf might keep as warmer as the temperature drops.

6. Puffer Coats

Puffer coats–of course they are a part of fall 2021 fashion trends! Men’s or women’s, puffer jackets are inevitably the most stylish coat there is. You can get just about any color, but I have seen black and metallic silver becoming more popular in recent months. 

7. Cropped Shirts

Cropped tops seemed to have been a thing of the past–but nope! They are a thing of the future again. Cropped shirts are going to be making a huge comeback in the fall as one of the best fall 2021 fashion trends. I don’t typically wear a lot of cropped shirts, so I guess it’s time to get shopping! But seriously, how cute would this look with high-waisted jeans and booties in the fall?! Don’t mind if I do!

8. Midi Skirts

I am actually OBSESSED with midi skirts and am so happy they are considered one of the biggest fall 2021 fashion trends! I feel like they were a thing this past fall as well, but not many people got to show off their style due to COVID-19 being pretty serious. Hopefully, things are more normal this fall and we can flaunt our favorite midi skirts in the streets!

9. Fuzzy Coats

Fuzzy coats are such a fun fall 2021 fashion trend because they can be worn inside or out, dressed or down! Personally, I think that Emma Chamberlain is the queen of the fuzzy coat trend! She styles it so well, and is definitely a great inspiration!

10. Suit Jackets

Ugh, suit jackets. I think these are the most flattering and stylish jackets out there. Rock one in the fall with a skirt and boots and blow everyone away! Make sure you invest in one that fits well, or you can buy/thrift one that’s more oversized! Either way, you’ll totally be in style!

See Also

11. Geometric Patterns

These patterns are going to be very in style this fall and I am so excited to mix and match patterns for a whole new fashion aesthetic!

12. Black

Black is the new black I guess! Other than the saturated color scheme, black is going to be a huge trend this fall.

13. Pantsuits

Check out some of your favorite women’s clothing stores for the best pantsuits- as they will be all the rage this fall.

14. Matching Sets

I love matching sets, especially like this sweater set below. Perfect for a fall lazy day or a day of running errands! You could also dress up with a matching set like a leather top and bottoms!

15. Cutouts

Cutouts are going to be another huge trend of the fall. Whether it be on a sweater or just a regular top, cutouts can add a whole new element of chic to your outfit.

Did you like what you saw? I sure hope so, because you will be seeing a lot of these styles as they are going to be huge this fall! What were your favorite up-and-coming fall 2021 fashion trends? Let us know in the comments below, we love hearing everyone’s personals favorites!

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Victoria Tustin

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