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Get a PC For a Discount At Lenovo

Get a PC For a Discount At Lenovo

Get a PC For a Discount At Lenovo

Lenovo is a relatively new PC brand that started selling computers in 2004, though the company has been around for much longer. They strive to bring innovative and efficient products to their customers to give them the best value for their money. It has been the fastest growing PC-company in the last three years, which should tell you that the devices they sell are top-notch, and they’ve moved on from just selling computers, as they now sell smartphones, smart TVS, and tablets. They are more well-known for their computers, however, and have created the best-known PC notebook—the ThinkPad. If you’re thinking of getting a Lenovo PC, shop with Studentrate to get your computer at employee prices!

Lenovo has three different types of PC’s, all with different series so that you can find the PC that fits you best. They have the ThinkPad, the IdeaPad, and the Essential, and they all are made for different purposes. And you can’t forget about the Ultrabook, which is the first touchscreen computer! Lenovo even has a page where they ask you what you are looking for in a computer, and they’ll recommend the best choice for you! Just don’t forget to go back to the website with Studentrate so you get the up to 25% discount on Lenovo products!


The ThinkPad is powerful and it has good productivity. It’s a very reliable and secure model, and is good for businesses because it has lots of manageable features just for businesses.


The IdeaPad has a more stylish design than the other two products, as it is closer to an Apple product than a traditional PC. It features many different personal features and it has a variety of finishes and designs so that you can pick the PC that will best showcase who you are. It also has enhanced video and audio so it’s a great choice if you’re planning on using your laptop for entertainment purposes.

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The Essential is the most affordable choice. It is a more basic model than the other two, and it’s built for everyday computing. If you’re looking for a computer without all the fancy add ons then the Essential is your choice.

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