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How to Get a Discount on Your Verizon Wireless Bill

Verizon Wireless provides the most 3G and 4G LTE  coverage in the United States. It was voted PCMag’s Reader’s Choice Top Mobile Carrier Choice, and has the most customers out of any other wireless service provider. It is constantly growing as more people switch over or recommend Verizon to their friends, and as the company seeks to continue enlarging the amount of coverage they provide.

Get 8-10% off of your Verizon Wireless bill with Studentrate!


However, because of it’s popularity, that means that getting a plan at Verizon Wireless can get a little pricey, and could not necessarily fit in your budget. However, if you join Studentrate, you can get 8-10% discount on your monthly bill. If you’re a new user, you’ll also get $35 cash back. This doesn’t just apply to your phone, but the whole bill. So if you are on a Family Plan, you’ll get the discount applied to the whole plan, helping your parents save money. So if you want to join the over 144 million members of Verizon, or want to save on your current phone bill, visit Studentrate today to find out how you can get your discount!

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