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Get a Discount on HP Laptops

Looking for a PC laptop, but don’t know where to get one? HP Academy has a great selection of all different kinds of laptops depending on what you’re looking for, and it gives discount for students and their parents, or teachers. There are the ENVYs, the Pavilion laptops, Elitebooks, Spectres, and X2s. With so many choices, you’ll definitely find the one that is right for you. Also, HP is currently having a sale for all students!

HP laptops have all sorts of special features that will make using your laptop easier, and can help if you need to use the laptop for specific things such as gaming or music making. Some brands, like the ENVY and Spectre, have Beats Audio, so that you can hear the music the way professionals in studios do. Also, some of the laptops include Box, which allows for Cloud storage so you can always have your files with you whenever you need them. There are also touchscreen laptops, if you are into that kind of thing, and there are HD laptops and laptops that include Blu-Ray. Some of the laptops boast a very fast boot up time (10 seconds or less), and some have a long battery life, which can be very helpful if you plan on using your computer for note taking.


So check out HP Academy today, where you can find student discounts to make your purchase affordable so you (or, most likely, your parents) can buy the laptop of your dreams.


Shop with Studentrate to get a 10% off discount at HP.   


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