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15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

Organizing hacks can come in handy when you’re a busy college student. Things can get pretty chaotic and you don’t have time to keep cleaning and organizing your apartment all the time. Not to worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is pick some of these ideas that work best for you. It’s time to think out of the box and try these genius organization hacks.

1. Spice rotating rack

Most college apartments come with, if not a small kitchen, then a kitchen with at least a little cabinet space. This means, if you have more spices than just salt and pepper then you might not have enough room in your cabinets for all of your cooking essentials. A great idea is too take a typical rotating spice rack and place them several smaller ones in your cabinets. This not only frees up a bunch of space for you to add other kitchen items, but it also makes it easier for you to sort through all your spices to find the ones you’re looking for without emptying the whole cabinet.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

2. Cooking tin/sheet storage

Your cupcake tins and cookie sheets can actually take up a lot of room in your drawers and cabinets, especially if you’re storing them horizontally. They also can end up making cooking a hassle for you by having to dig and pull them out from underneath all your other pots and pans. Having a basket to store these sheets in a vertical fashion. This will obviously free up space in your cabinets, but also make things look more aesthetically pleasing. You can use any kind of baskets such as wicker, wire, or any kind of material that is sturdy.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

3. Lid cabinet door storage

The lids of pots and pans often get lost in the drawers and cabinets in your kitchen. It’s hard to store them in a way that will stay organized and be easy to access. A neat idea to try is to store them in baskets that hang on the inside of cabinets. This makes it easier to grab them quickly and store them away neatly. 15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

4. Small drawer containers

Drawers, no matter where they are in your apartment, can get cluttered easily. Instead of having every drawer slowly become a ‘junk drawer’, get some small containers, and sort your things into each one. These are great from the kitchen where you can organize utensils, the bathroom to organize makeup and other toiletry items, and also the bedrooms for office supplies. These containers are extremely inexpensive to buy and come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to match exactly what you need!

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

5. Closet bins

With limited closet space, it can be hard to find room for all your clothes. This is where closet bins come in handy. You can put your folded clothes in them, shoes, socks, underwear and more. These are great if you don’t have any or a small amount of drawer space in your dresser. These can help you stay organized with minimal effort. You can simply fold up a piece of clothing and place it in a bin.

You can also add beautiful labels to these bins to make them pretty but also help keep you more organized.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

6. Extra end table/shelves

Sometimes you don’t want to spend the extra money on non-essential furniture pieces like end tables and shelves. The good news is that you can buy these pieces for cheap and build them yourself. They come in different designs, colors, and textures like wood, metal, and plastic. These can be used by your bed or next to your couch in the living room.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

7. Mail/paper holder

Take all the papers and mail from your kitchen counters, coffee table, and floor and organize them with a hanging mail and paper holder. These can be hung on walls easily and can be a great place to hold important papers, mail, and even your keys. These are not only helpful but they can complete your apartment look.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

8. Plastic bag holder

Plastic bags can begin to pile up in your kitchen, especially if you go grocery shopping regularly. You don’t want to throw all of them away. They can be used as trash bags, lunch bags, to pick up your dog’s waste, and much more. Getting a trash bag holder can really be a lifesaver. You can buy ones that hang on the side of a cabinet door out of sight, or you can also just hang a plastic bag on a drawer or door handle where you can stuff other bags inside it.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

9. Toilet paper organizer

If your apartment is on the small side, your bathroom might be small too. It’s helpful to utilize what’s already in there. The toilet can be a great way to use some organizing tools. There are attachments you can buy to keep around your toilet that hold things like toilet paper, tissue, candles, and more. These come in cute, stylish organizers.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

10. Pan separator

Pots and pans take up a lot of room. Getting creative when it comes to separating these pans is essential. There’s a new trend going around where you use office supplies such as a binder separator to organize your pots. This is such a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to incorporate into your kitchen.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

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11. Large shelving

Most apartments won’t come with extra shelving or storage spaces. However, you can buy this extra shelving at local retailers for super cheap and assemble them yourself. They also come in different colors that will match your apartments aesthetic and provide more storage. Depending on the size of your apartment, you can go anywhere from tall and skinny shelving, to wide and long ones. Just find one the best fits your style and your apartment!

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

12. Hooks on cabinet doors

Hooks are known to be extremely helpful in the organizing hacks department. You can hang up almost anything from keys to clothes, to decor and more. However, for this hack, you can use hooks on the back of your cabinet doors to hang up your essential items but also keep them out of sight.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

13. Curtin rings on a hanger

If you’re someone who has a lot of clothes and a small closet than this is one of the organizing hacks you need to pay attention to. All you need is some hangers and some plastic curtain rings that are easy to open and close. You can put multiple pieces of clothing all on one hanger by simply looping the clothes on the rings and then place the ring on the hanger. Wa-la! You can also get super organized and separate all your tank tops on one hanger, then all shorts, jeans, and so on.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

14. Modern shoe rack

We’ve all seen the plastic shoe holders than hang over your door. However, if you’re looking for shoe organizing hacks that look a little more aesthetically pleasing, than look no further. Similar to the shelving and table hacks, you can also find small shoe racks that don’t look hideous. These are also sold at your local retailers and come in different designs and colors. Place this in your room or living room to display, store, and keep your shoes organized.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

15. Multiple laundry baskets

Don’t worry we do have organizing hacks for laundry. Dirty clothes can pile up while you’re in college. The least you can do is keep things organized for when laundry comes around. Having multiple baskets can allow you to throw your dirty clothes in a bin that separates them from lights, darks, and delicates. You can also use this method to separate them by ‘dirty’ and ‘not dirty but oo lazy to hang up again’ for those of you who are constantly on the go.

15 Genius Organizing Hacks For Your College Apartment

Which one of these organizing hacks are you going to use in your apartment? Let us know in the comments below!

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