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5 Gel Nail Polishes That Are Easy To Remove

Gel nail polishes on freshly manicured nails, can make any outfit look nice, but when it’s time to take off your look, it’s extra hard! Wouldn’t it be nice to change the color without dreading the removal process? These top gel nail polishes are easy to remove, making it easier to switch your look.

1. Opi Gel Color

Protect your nails, while getting the perfect shade. OPI has created a gel formula that protects your natural nails, that can often times get damaged by gel polish and acrylic. The Peru collection for OPI gel nail polishes feature colors inspired by the food, architecture and culture of South America! Color choices include bold reds, romantic purples, pinks and nude tones. The colors are pigmented and non-damaging to remove. 

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2. CND Shellac

You’ll only need to apply thin layers of this long-lasting gel nail polish. They come in various shades and are used by salon nail technicians, as well. When applied to your nails, the color will stay for up to 14 days, without causing your nails to weaken. The color is made to be chip resistant to prevent cracks in the coats you apply and vibrantly pigmented, once placed under UV light. With zero drying time, CND Shellac is one of the best selling gel nail polishes in the world. 

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3. Gellen Soak Off Gel Nail Polish

For up to two weeks of wear, you can try Gellen’s soak off gel nail polishes in many deep shades. Aside from deep blue shades, there are also unique, brighter colors, with over 250 colors to choose from! The top-coat is exceptional as well, helping to make your manicure last longer with an ultra-glossy finish. To remove, simply buff your nails with a buffer or file and soak in acetone, until completely lifted. 

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4. Modelones

Modelones has one of the best easy-remove gel nail polishes. Colors range from glossy work-appropriate neutral, to deep red and violet for nights out. Once applied, it is set to last for two weeks. You can create the best nail sets, if you get an entire Modelones starter kit. The kit comes with a folding UV lamp, as well as manicure tools like a nail file and buffer to sculpt your nail shape, cuticle pusher, and nail brush. It also comes with a portable charger, for the UV gel lamp that can be charged by connecting it to your computer or phone base charger (both iPhone and Android)! 

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5. Essie Gel Couture

Essie is one of the most requested brands, among gel nail polishes, with their products aimed to provide salon-style results when applying polish on your own. Their Gel Couture polish comes in various shades, including classy, soft pink, nude and hard-to-find metallic colors. Each shade can be applied without a base coat or UV lamp, for quick application. The formula is made to be shatter proof, so you’re able to move throughout your normal daily activities, without worry. The brush makes it easy to apply evenly, on each nail, without clumping. 

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There’s nothing like a beautiful manicure using gel nail polishes! When it comes to taking the polish off, however, it’s a struggle. Each time you risk breaking or damaging your nails because of the harsh formula. These nail polishes offer a variety of colors for all of your looks and can be removed easily, to protect your natural nails. 

What’s something crazy you’ve done to remove gel nail polishes, that refused to come off? Let us know in the comments!

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