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Gaming Tips For Those Who Bought Their First Console

Gaming Tips For Those Who Bought Their First Console

Gaming Tips For Those Who Bought Their First Console

Console gaming can be a real head scratcher for a lot of people, but its not the most difficult thing in the world. With a few gaming tips and a little bit of luck, even the most novice gamer can overcome console gaming anxiety. Here are a few gaming tips for those who buying their first console.

1. Play with an experience friend

Holding a Ps4 or Xbox one controller for the first time is quite nerve racking for those first time players. This is why one of the main gaming tips is to start playing with a experience friend. Pick someone who has been through the grinds of GTA or has a background in multiplayer combat. Odds are they have the instincts and expertise to guide you through those complicated button mashing first tries.

Gaming Tips For Those Who Bought Their First Console

2. Find a easy game to play first

We’re long past the days of ping pong and Pac-Man, but there are still tons of games out there they don’t require someone to be a master of console gaming. Story driven, choose your own adventure games such as Heavy Rain and Telltale’s The Walking Dead forgo advance gameplay mechanics in the sake for thrilling narratives. Beginners can excel without feeling like they have to take a advance course in button mashing. Plus, games like Mario Cart and Minecraft provide both competitive, fun, and easy experiences for beginners as well.

Gaming Tips For Those Who Bought Their First Console

3. Pick the right console to suit your needs and taste

Picking the right console is imperative for beginners. Perhaps one of the most necessary gaming tips I can give is to make sure the console you choose is something you would want to play for a long time. Nintendo Wii’s had the element of bringing families together in front of the T.V.  to play a round of golf or even to exercise. If you’re someone who doesn’t like erratic, fast past games like Star Wars: Battlefront but loved the old school Mario games, then perhaps a Nintendo Switch is what you need. It all depends on your taste and of course what you’re willingly to pay.

Gaming Tips For Those Who Bought Their First Console

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4. Subscribe to gaming websites and magazines

One of the best gaming tips out there is to take advantage of resources like the internet and magazines. Sites like ign and magazines such as Game Informer provide useful reviews for all new and old games. You could also find helpful walkthroughs for the newest games like Read Dead Redemption 2 and God of War, games that may be a too challenging for beginners at first.

5. Check your gaming settings before getting started

Speaking of God of War, the developers of that game knew that not everyone playing it would be a expert in combat right away. This is why they created different modes for players, from ‘Give Me A Story’ to ‘Give Me God of War.’ The latter of course is for those familiar with the gameplay style and speed of past God of War games. The former is for those beginning players who are excited about the game but may not be quite ready chopping a thousand heads with a axe right away. And what’s great is that many games today have different difficulty modes ranging from easy to extremely difficult.

6. Talk with a tech expert to get the best out of your new console

Looking past the gameplay mechanics, I want to focus now on getting the best out of your console. This means heading to the closet GameStop or Best Buy and making sure you have all the necessary equipment and guides before you start playing. Newer generation consoles require HDMI cords for instance, but knowing which cord to get makes a enormous difference. Also, if you’re into 4K resolution then knowing which T.V. works best with your new PS4 pro is something you might want to consider as well.

And that’s all the gaming tips I can give you. If you’re a beginner what are you looking for in your console game? Comment below and be sure to share this. Until next time.

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