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10 Games You Can Play To Get Closer to Your Partner

10 Games You Can Play To Get Closer to Your Partner


Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing. Not only do you have a partner who you can share your profoundly intimate and personal life with, but you also have a friend with you who’s there to stick by your side. Even so, sometimes a run of the mill date night isn’t what people are in the mood for. Sometimes you want to explore your relationship and deepen your connection with your partner in other ways. So here is a list of relationship games you can play to do just that.

Never Have I Ever

This is a classic relationship game that has been played many a time during a house party or overnight sleepover, but have you ever tried playing it with your significant other? It really can be a great way to get to know someone, whether you’re in the beginnings of a relationship, or have known each other for years on end. The game is simple, easy to understand, and most people already know and follow the rules behind it. Not only that, but it’s a great cuddle game since you don’t even have to move around or do anything special for it. So cuddle up under your fluffiest blanket and get to know each other with this relationship game.


This is another game that many couples can pay together when coming up with a list of relationship games. Maybe you’re not sure what to cook for the week? Perhaps you can’t decide on a restaurant or take out place to get from? Perhaps you’re under quarantine and are unable to go out of the house. Perhaps you want to improve your cooking skills in a fun way without the pressure of ruining dinner. All of these are great reasons to play! The game is simple: Both of you make a meal, and then you exchange the dishes you prepared and talk about what you like about each other’s cooking. If something’s burned or completely inedible, then that’s okay! That’s why there are two dishes are all. Save the leftovers for later and have a cute dinner date.

Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t like a fun little scavenger hunt? Even so, this shouldn’t be any run of the mill ordinary scavenger hunt, oh no. You want this to be cute! So, take a few sticky notes and write down on each of the things that you like about your significant other. Make sure that both of you have different colors, so you know who’s is for who. These could be hidden for a very long time, so be sure to plan accordingly. Then take the pad of sticky notes and hide each one in places that remind you of your partner around the house. Not only will this be a great relationship game to learn about each other, but it can feel so sweet to find a sticky note that’s been hidden for ages that says something nice about you.


In Space No One Can Hear You Feel

This one can be a bit of a challenging relationship game for those that aren’t prepared for it. It can be a very raw and emotional game that has actual rules you can follow along here: The premise can be rather intense. You and your partner are lost adrift in space after accidentally being awoken from cryogenic sleep. There’s not a chance for communication to the outside world, and you know that rations are starting to run thin. It seems a bit out there, but genuinely it can be one of the most touching games you and your partner play together. All you need is a six-sided die and each other, and you’re set.

10 Games You Can Play To Get Closer to Your Partner

Where’s Freddy?

This is a lot like the scavenger hunt relationship game, but a bit of a twist in variation. Get a small stuffed animal or knick-knack. A teapot you don’t use, or a plastic mug will work great, just so long as it’s something you wouldn’t mind being lost or misplaced. The game is simple, the object you pick is called “Freddy,” and you hide Freddy someone in the house. Every time the person looking for Freddy finds him, you kiss them. Once Freddy is found, the roles are reversed. If your partner is struggling, you can also use this as a bit of a hot or cold game to let them know where they’re close. It might not be the most soul-searching game, but I’ve still found it to be lots of fun.

Four Points

This relationship game is for those playful couples that love to tell stories or play with imagination while still getting to know one another. The premise is simple, take four different points in your life and try to recall as much as you can about yourself during that part of you as possible. Start with the youngest and work your way chronologically. Introduce yourselves to one another with how old you are then, as you go through the day, asking each other questions about yourselves. “What was your favorite game during this life of yours?” “Did you listen to this music?” “How do you feel about broccoli?” And so on. Once you feel like you’re ready, you move onto the next part of your life and ask questions again. Not only is this a great way to get to know someone, but it’s also a fantastic way to explore yourself.


Marshmallow Melee

Do you like marshmallows? Do you like nerf gun battles? Do you want to unleash your inner warrior while playfully battling your significant other? Well then, this relationship game is for you. Though this one requires a bit of prep, there’s nothing like battling it out with marshmallow guns and a hearty dose of competition. You’ll need two marshmallow guns, safety goggles, and a space that can handle a bit of roughhousing. Establish basic rules. You can make it regimented like capture the flag, or go or a free for all brawl. Set up barricades with couches and fire at will till both of you are on the floor, giggling covered in marshmallows. The cleanup can be a bit of a drag, but it’s so worth it for those precious moments of fun.

10 Games You Can Play To Get Closer to Your Partner

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These Songs of Mine

This is an adorable relationship game to play and doesn’t take long to do at all. The premise is simple, like most of the others: sit down with your partner and sit back to back with each other. Then for the next ten or twenty minutes, create a playlist of songs for each other that remind you of your partner. It can be any genre, any amount of songs. Then when the time’s up, you share your song lists and have a listen. This game is perfect for a rainy day or if you ever find yourselves just in need to liven things up slightly.


Poems for You

This relationship game is perfect for a long-distance relationship that has a significant time zone difference since it can be played for a very long period. The idea is: you have a conversation about what your partner means to you, but you can only communicate in poems and poetry. It can be any form of poetry you want, visual, freeform, haikus, traditional, and you don’t even have to write them, you can quote other famous poems. Not only has this game lead to some of the most touching and heartfelt conversations I’ve had with my partner, but they are also some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard them say.

Story In the Clouds

This is a perfect relationship game for if you’re ever on a picnic, or have a partner that loves being outside. Once more, the promise is straightforward. Lay down on the ground and look up at the sky, watching the clouds as they pass overhead. If you find one that you like and you think it looks like something, talk to your partner about it and make a story for it! Where did that giraffe come from? How did he get stuck up in the clouds? Did that apple get thrown up and stuck somehow? The stories don’t have to make sense to be fun and enjoyable. Let your imagination unwind for a few moments with the person that you love.

10 Games You Can Play To Get Closer to Your Partner

Do you have any games you like to play with your partner? Has this list help you out in any way? Comment down below and let us know!