10 Games to Play When You’re Stuck In the House

  If you just got word that you are going to be stuck in the house for a few hours or even days, then look no further! This doesn’t have to be a bad and miserable thing! Before you are locked in, run to the store and pick up a few of these games below and you are bound to have a great time while stuck inside!

1.) Scrabble

Scrabble is a timeless game that you are bound to find in the confines of your game closet! This game may take a long time and may require some brain power, but when you are stuck inside with nothing else to do, it may be a welcome distraction! Up to four people can play, so you are bound to have a good group and you can also play one on one.

Scrabble can be found and purchased here.

10 Games to Play When You’re Stuck In the House


2.) Monopoly

Every time you ask someone what game they want to play and they answer Monopoly, there is a resounding moan and groan that comes from the group. That is because Monopoly takes HOURS to complete and often ends in arguments and feuds among the family.

Though this game may be cause of some disagreements, it is important to consider this when deciding what game to play when locked in doors. It may be nice to sit down for a few hours and be completely engrossed in something fun and competitive!

If you don’t own Monopoly already, you can find it here to buy!

3.) Risk

Have you ever played Risk before? It is a strategy based game that can also take a long time. Definitely not a game for kids of small children because there are a lot of very small pieces, but if you have a good adult crowd, you can have a lot of fun for a long time! It is a game of attacking and defending land.


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10 Games to Play When You’re Stuck In the House

4.) Solitaire

Solitaire is one of those great games that you can play alone! The reason this is such a great feature is because you many be stuck inside alone, or the people stuck inside with you may not be wanting to play a game. You can play this game for hours alone and it is suprisingly addicting!

The thrill of completing the deck could mean hours of good times! If your friends or family want to play with you, use two different decks and race to see who can finish it first. If not, try playing the game Spit. You can Google the instructions and it is a one on one fast paced game that is great competition.


5.) Catan

Kind of the same idea as Risk in that it is a strategy based game that takes a long time. This game however, is a cool and interesting set up in that you can work together and trade and build villages and empires. Don’t hesitate to pick up this fun and time consuming game if you are planing to be stuck in the house!

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6.) Left Right Center

Left Right Center is a great party game and perfect for a big group! Are you on a ski trip but the mountain got closed and now you are stuck in a log cabin with 15 friends and no TV for hours on end?

This game may just be the perfect fit for your group. All you need to do is purchase the actual game from a local supermarket and you are all set! Though the game doesn’t take long to play, the fun is unmeasurable. And you can bet real money if you want to so you can even make a quick buck!


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10 Games to Play When You’re Stuck In the House

7.) Heads Up 

This game is free and all you have to do is download it on your phone! With amazing decks that are updated and changed all the time, you are bound to find something that your family would be interested in. Also fantastic to play in large or small groups, you can play this as long or as briefly as you want to.

Find heads up on your smart phones app store!

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8.) Trivial Pursuit

Most people are familiar with this game but it tends to get looked over on Game Night. Who knows why but when you are stuck inside with nothing to do, this may be just the game for you! You can even learn something and potentially benefit from playing!

You can also play this in large groups or team up if there are too many people. You can even buy updated or themed versions which could help change things up!

Find Trivial Pursuit here!


10 Games to Play When You’re Stuck In the House

9.) Battle of the Sexes

This is a really fun game if you are locked in with your significant other and some other couples. Battle of the Sexes is a Boys against Girls themed game that pins the sexes against one another and allows for some friendly fire. It is a board game/card game/seek and find game and can be super competitive and super exciting!

Find Battle of the Sexes and how to play here!

10 Games to Play When You’re Stuck In the House


10.) What Do You Meme?

This game is definitely not a family friendly game so don’t play with little kiddos and you may not want to play with your parents but this hilarious card game is a really hilarious and engaging time! You essentially get to make your own memes based on pictures and matched with cards that you draw.

Who wouldn’t want to make your own memes? Also, if the memes provided become outdated then you can purchase supplemental packs!

You can find What do you Meme here!

So if you are stuck in the house, it doesn’t have to be a boring negative thing! Break out those board games and get playing! It can be a fantastic way to bring your family or relationships closer, have some fun and make the best of being trapped inside!

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