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10 Games To Play During Game Night

10 Games To Play During Game Night

 There are so many games to choose from for a great game night! From the classics all the way to new games involving everyday phrases, you can’t go wrong with a good game that makes the whole party laugh and have so much fun! You won’t want game night to end with these picks!

1. New Phone, Who Dis?

This fun game will make you laugh your socks off! Each player will have a opportunity to draw a card which others will match the responding text to. The player who has drawn the card will be the judge for the round. The judge will pick the winner based on which card they believe is the funniest during that round.

The winner of the game is the player who holds most reply cards at the end! Don’t worry though, if you love it the first time, it won’t be the same the second time you play it! 

10 Games To Play During Game Night

2. Heads Up!

This game is a whirlwind of fun using a smartphone or tablet to excite your game night. You can download the game for the Apple App Store or Google Play for only $0.99. You’ll be jumping up and down with this rapid response game!

There are so many categories players can choose from to spice up your game night. To start the game you must choose a category and place your device on your forehead where the phrase will pop up. Everyone else who is a part of the round will try to use key words to help you guess what the phrase is on your device!

You’ll only have 60 seconds per round. At the end of the round played, the players will see how many phrases they guessed correctly and what the guess wrongly.

10 Games To Play During Game Night

3. Uno

This classic game night card game will bring out the competitiveness in everyone! If you are looking for an old kind of fast pace, this is the game for you. If you are looking for a game everyone will love, you’ll never say no to this classic!

With all sorts of turns and twists, you’ll be able to rotate from clockwise and counterclockwise and have your neighbor pick up more cards if they are close to getting an Uno! The game ends with the first person to say Uno and not get caught!

The funniest part of the game is catching the player with one card before the realize which makes the player with one card have to pick up another card!

10 Games To Play During Game Night

4. Apples To Apples

This game is great for the whole family! Depending on the amount of players, the game will can go by very fast or slow. But when you have more players it will become more fun and will have everyone laughing at the different answers everyone comes up with.

This is a great game night choice for those who love weird answers! Everyone will be talking about the choices of answers for days after you play! The object of the game is to get as many green cards as possible before the game is complete which is indicated when all of the green cards are gone.  This is a great game for those looking for a laugh or need a game which can host a lot of players!

10 Games To Play During Game Night

5. Monopoly

This two to eight player game is an oldie that is a great throwback for anyone looking for a long lasting game! Players start by picking their characters and getting their money. Before the game starts the players will have to decide who will be in charge of the bank.

Once picked the game is ready to begin with dice and two decks of cards which belong in their marked spot on the board. The player with the highest dice rule started the game. With each roll of the dice you will get to buy property or you might have to pay the owner of other properties!

This game is great for those who love games involving money! The last player left after everyone else claiming bankruptcy, is the winner of the game! 

10 Games To Play During Game Night

6. What Do You Meme?

Do you tend to look at Meme’s all day and laugh at them? If you do, this is a great game for you! The is sure to be a suggested game night game after playing it once! During the game, there is one judge per round who will pick up a Meme from the deck and have the other players match their best caption to the Meme.

The winner of the round is decided by the judge and gets to keep the Meme card. At the end of the game, the player with the most Meme cards wins the game and will get crowned the Meme Master!

10 Games To Play During Game Night

7. 5 Second Rule

You’ve got 5 seconds to list 5 things which involve the topic read out loud. This is a rapid fire game will make you think quickly and on your feet while having fun with friends during game night. 5 Second Rule is a great way to test others knowledge about different subjects!

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Be ready to think on the fly with this fun game which will certainly bring out the competitive side of any one who plays it with the “I can’t believe you didn’t get that one. It was so easy,” comments! The winner of the game will be the first one to get to the finish spot first! Do you think it’s easy? Try again! 

10 Games To Play During Game Night

8. The Awkward Family Photos: Volume 2

This fun game night includes a large amount of awkward movie scenes where the players will have seven cards and will have to pick the best one to caption the scene! The judge who rotates every round will pick the best caption for the scene, the player with the picked caption will win the scene card. At the end of the game, the player with the most scene cards, win the game!

10 Games To Play During Game Night

9. What Do You Meme?: Party Bowl

This add on with the hit game What Do You Meme? is all about the players going through three rounds. There are two teams which draw three prompt cards. Based on the prompt card, write down words that describe the prompt and put them into the party bowl.

During the first round one person will choose a slip of paper and describe the word without saying it! Each team will have the opportunity to go through each round! During the second round, one person from each team will pick a slip of paper out of the party bowl and (by using only one word) describe the word given.

By the third round, you will be acting out a slip of paper from the party bowl for your team to guess! This is a quick game which involves a lot of thinking! The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

10 Games To Play During Game Night

10. I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid…

This is a game revolving all around numbers. Each question asked are some of the most unheard of questions which you may not know the answer at all! If you are unsure about the answer and your opponents think your answer is way off, they can throw down the ‘I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid…” card and the winner will be the person who is further from the right answer!

The game is so random, it is one of the best games to play if you just need something to pass the time during game night!

10 Games To Play During Game Night

Have you played any of these games before? Tell us in the comments below!
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