7 Adorable Gameday Outfits at Virginia Tech

Anyone who loves Virginia Tech loves to attend the football games. Before each game, you might wonder what one should wear to these games. Of course you are thinking Hokie apparel, meaning orange and maroon. Unfortunately, it can be difficult finding multiple maroon and orange outfits for every game. Keep reading to find out the hottest game day outfits at Virginia Tech!

1. Jean shorts, a football jersey, and cowboy boots.

The perfect combination and you’re supporting your team! You can also always wear jeans when it is colder out.

2. Maroon and/or orange dress

 This is my absolute favorite game day outfit. Wear a cute and comfortable dress! You can wear this whether its warm or cold. If it is warm dress it up with a cute necklace and wedges. If it is cold put on some high boots and a stylish sweater.

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3. High-waisted shorts, a cute orange/maroon tank top, and wedges.

What’s better than being casual yet cute? It is always fun to wear high-waisted shorts whether you tuck the shirt into the shorts or leave it over them. Also add some wedges to spice it up a bit!

4. A tight skirt, a flowy tank top, and boots/sandals.

 This one is perfect for a last minute outfit decision. Throw on an easy skirt with a maroon or orange tank top. Add some cowboy boots or sandals and you’re off!

5. Sunglasses.

This is a necessity. You need your sunglasses on whether it is a super sunny day or maybe even cloudy. It is always nice to be able to whip your sunglasses out when you have your drunk face on.

6. A Hokie t-shirt!

 I don’t mean just any normal VT t-shirt. Be creative with this! You can always make a lace-up t-shirt like this one. It’s easy and adorable.

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7. An orange or maroon romper.

Rompers are the perfect clothing item to put on for a game day. They are shorts and a dress at the same time! They come in so many patterns and styles. Get on your romper game ASAP.

 What gameday outfits at Virginia Tech do you like to wear? Comment below!


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