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10 Gameday Outfits At The University Of Texas At Austin

Are you having trouble trying to find the perfect outfit for gameday at UT? Well, luckily you’ve come to the right place. Gamedays at UT are the best, so why not look your best as well? Although we are all there for the game, we all know DKR is perfect to take pictures with all your besties! Here are some tricks and tips that will help you create one of the most adorable gameday outfits at the University of Texas at Austin!

1) Cowboy Boots For The Win.

Pair any gameday outfit with a pair of boots! They not only provide comfortable footwear for the long hours you’ll be standing up and cheering on the Longhorns, but will also provide a great excuse to go two steppin’ afterwards with your girlfriends.

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2) Cute orange outfit

Don’t feel like wearing sports gear? Rep your school colors with a cute orange outfit! A perfect fall trend for any football game is the suede skirt. With it’s brown, almost burnt orange color, paired with a white tee in your closet, this is an easy and fashion forward outfit to show off at any game. Or do you have a burnt orange dress in your closet? Pair it with a white bralette underneath and your favorite pair of boots, and you’re out the door!

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3) Tie Dye Pride.

Why not show off your hippie pride in this burnt orange and white dress? You’re in Austin, so why not keep it weird?

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4) Casual Chic.

If you rather be comfortable in the Texas heat during gameday, this is the outfit you want to go for. This adorable tank shows how committed you are as a Longhorn, and don’t forget your burnt orange hat to show what team you’re rooting for!

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5) A Jersey.

Cheer on your favorite longhorn with a jersey! Just slip on your jersey, sunnies, favorite pair of jeans, comfortable shoes and you’re ready for the game with your girls!

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6) Victoria’s Secret PINK Gear.

Something I and the thousands of Texas girls are obsessed with, is the collegiate gear Victoria’s Secret PINK has for UT! When you’re feeling stressed from school, you can always take a study break, and walk across the street from campus to the co-op and pick up a bunch of cute gear for game day.

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7) The White Dress And Kendra Scott.

Pull out that white dress you have in your closet, and pear it with some Kendra Scott, and you’re ready for a Texas game!

8) Crop Top And Ripped Shorts.

Wanna be ready to tailgate without being late? This casual but cute outfit is perfect for any Texas Tailgate with friends. Throw up your horns, and show everyone you know how to fight the heat in Texas.

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9) Colder Weather Style.

Towards the end of football season we will see ‘colder’ weather for us Texans, which means we need to bring out the knee high boots, and cardigans! Pair these two fall statements with a sweater dress, and you have the perfect outfit for a colder game day.

Copy this look:

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10) Cowboy Hat And Body Suit.

Need to block out the sun to watch your Longhorns? A cowboy hat should do it! Get yourself this Texas fashion statement to show your Texas pride! Pair it with a neutral body suit, accessories, and some suede booties, and you’re ready for the game!

Copy this look:


With so many adorable ways to show your school spirit, there is no excuse to not go to every game and show off your longhorn love, and throw up your horns. Hook ‘Em!

Do you have any other ideas for adorable gameday outfits at the University of Texas at Austin? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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