The Game Of Thrones Home Decor That Every Die Hard Fan Needs

Are you a Game Of Thrones fan? We have some amazing Game Of Thrones home decor products that you will absolutely love for your place.

Game of Thrones has been around a long time. Since the late 90’s, actually, I checked. Some people have only read the books, some have only watched the show, and some have done both. I fall into the first category because I amĀ still holding out hope that George RR Martin is going to finish the series, and I refuse to watch the show until I know how the book series ends. Whatever group you fall into, here are the Game Of Thrones home decor items your apartment needs right now!

Cutting Board

One of the most famous lines from Game of Thrones is the Stark motto, Winter is Coming. This cutting board makes for a nice play on words that will brighten up any meal you cook with it!


Golden Egg

Not quite as good as a real dragon egg, but this golden egg will make the perfect accent to your living room!

Family Banners

No matter which family you identify with most, these banners will satisfy all of your loyalties!


Beer Accessories

Feel and drink like a true Lannister with this beer glass. Do you drink and know things? No matter what your drink of choice is, this mug and bottle opener will be the perfect drinking buddies!


Music Box

Here’s that Stark motto again, except this time, it’s in the form of a music box! Not only is it GOT themed, the wind up music will give it the perfect old-time feel to match the Game Of Thrones time period!




There are the major three houses, but let’s not forget about the minor houses that play big roles in the story! The ones who you don’t think will be important are the most important secondary characters down the road.

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Wall Decal

While slightly morbid for a wall decal, it is one of the more famous lines. Arya’s story line definitely surprised me, but I think that’s the best part of the GOT books – you never know what’s coming next!

Wall Quote

Most people wouldn’t consider Tyrion Lannister a good role model, but he does certainly say some smart stuff! Get this wall decal to motivate you every day!


Wine Glass

While she can be kinda annoying, Daenerys has one of the greatest character developments throughout the series. From scared girl being married off as a kind of sacrifice to, well, being the mother of dragons? She’s pretty kick ass.


Which of these Game Of Thrones home decor items do you want for your space? Let us know in the comments below.

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