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Game Ideas Perfect For Every Student Party

Game Ideas Perfect For Every Student Party

Hosting a party and entertaining guests can feel like a lot of pressure, especially if you’re tired of playing the same old games.  So we’ve gathered together the best game ideas for a party, whether you are planning on drinking or would rather stay sober.

1. Paranoia (drinking game)

This one will spice up the party immediately and get your guests to reveal some of their deepest secrets, perfect for when you are feeling nosy. It can also be very spontaneous with nothing required but alcohol.

Gather everyone into a circle and take it in turns to whisper a question into the ear of the person next to you. No one can hear the question, but the person must give their answer out loud to the group. Here’s the catch, the answer must be the name of one of the group members and if anyone wants to reveal the question, they must earn it by taking a drink.

Game Ideas Perfect For Every Student Party

2. Most likely to (drinking game)

Another game that requires nothing but alcohol, this will reveal what you truly think of yourselves, whilst also getting you very drunk.

Have two friends stand back to back, each with a drink, and ask them ‘who is most likely to…’ questions. Without looking at each other, the person who believes they are most likely to do the thing must take a drink. If both people drink then they must drink again, if neither of them drink then they must both take a drink, but if they manage to succeed and only one of them drinks then you can move onto the next question.

3. Straight face (drinking game)

The game is guaranteed to get people laughing, in fact, that’s the very point. Gather together some pens, strips of paper and a large bowl to put them all in and you can begin.

Each person needs to write down something on a strip of paper that they think will make someone else laugh, then fold it up and place it in the bowl. One by one you should go around the circle, each taking a piece of paper and reading aloud. If anyone so much as smirks, they have to drink.

Game Ideas Perfect For Every Student Party

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4. Funemployed (sober or drinking game)

If you’re tired of playing student favourite Card Against Humanity and need something new, Funemployed is the next thing that you should try. While it’s not strictly a drinking game, anything can involve alcohol if you change up the rules.

The game requires the Funemployed card pack, with each player being dealt five ‘skill’ cards that they will need to use to audition for a job. These can include anything from ‘quick thinker’ to ‘lots of pockets’. One person will then choose a career card and must judge everyone’s ‘job application’. They will then choose the player who uses their cards the best and creates the best story from their hand.

5. Spyfall (sober game)

Spyfall is a game of teamwork, lies, and confusion. It also requires a bit more concentration than the other games so maybe don’t try this one when you’ve been drinking.

Simply search the Spyfall website and enter in the names of your group. You will then all be assigned a role and a shared location, but one of you will be a spy and not know the location. By taking it in turns to ask yes/no questions the group must attempt to work out who is the spy by judging each other’s answers. The spy must also use their questions, but in order to discover what the location is. See who can discover the truth first?

Game Ideas Perfect For Every Student Party

Do you have any great game ideas? Tell us how to play in the comments below.

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