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8 Gal Pal Gifts For Valentine’s Day

8 Gal Pal Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Gal pal gifts are perfect for galentines day! Here are 8 gal pal gifts for Valentine's day to start thinking about, they're some of our faves!

Gal pal gifts are the perfect way to celebrate galentines day! Even if you don’t have big bucks to spend this year, you can still show them you care. With these 8 gal pal gifts for valentines day, you’ll be sure to slay this holiday!

1. Compliment Pencils

These gal pal gifts are sure to make your best friends day brighter! Every time she pulls one out she’ll be reminded how boss she really is. If you feel like splurging a little you can get a quite pencil bag that will perfectly match with the pencils.

2. Mermaid  Mug

Does your girlfriend love the mythical world? Is she kind of one to stick to bright out there colors versus monotone ones? She might love a set of mermaid coffee mugs this upcoming valentines day. You can customize or even get them in a set from any store.

8 Gal Pal Gifts For Valtenines Day


3. Golden Monogram Necklace

Are you the forever and always golden jewelry twins? Then you might want to consider getting your best friend a golden monogram necklace. This cute option is great because she can wear it with everything and it shows that you care.

4. Best Friend Bracelets

Badass. Beast. or even Barbies. This valentines day give your best friend a gift that describes your dynamic duo in one word. Have more than one b.f.f in your circle? No problem these bracelets are perfect for a group gift as well.

5. Date Night

Don’t have money for an expensive gift this year? Plan a weekend where you know both of you will be free, and plan a girls only weekend. Ice cream, and your favorite movies are all you need to make this an event to remember.

8 Gal Pal Gifts For Valtenines Day

6. Bath Bomb Set

Scented, fuzzy, and warm these bath bombs are sure to help your best friend relax after a stressful week. All she has to do is let the bathtub fill with warm water, and drop the bath bomb into the water. She can sit back and enjoy their amazing aroma, and awesome color changes.No wonder this ended up on our list of perfect gal pal gifts.

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7. Candles

Does you end up losing your bestie in Bath and Body Works every time you go to the mall? Only to find her in the scented candle section. Then you might want to consider getting her some candles this valentines day. Just get her favorite scents and you’ll be sure to see them lite during the holidays.

8. Pajamas

Are you the pair that always tend to take naps every time you hang? You might want to consider getting a pair of pajamas for you and her. Not only will it make for a cute picture, but after you can both take a much needed nap break. You guys definitely deserve it.

Hopefully these 8 gal pal gifts for valentines day help spark something that will make this year unforgettable! Have more ideas? Make sure to leave a comment below!
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8 Gal Pal Gifts For Valentine's Day

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