8 Gainesville Food Instagram Accounts You Should Follow ASAP

What are the best gainesville food instagram accounts? Here's a list of the best food Instagram accounts you'll find here in Gainesville.
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When I started my freshman year at the University of Florida, I had no idea where anything was, especially when it came to restaurants. When you are on campus, there is a limited selection of places to eat food. Eating at on-campus restaurants might be more convenient for you during the day, but what about at night or on the weekends? That is your time to explore Gainesville and all of the delicious food places it has to offer. Start out by taking a look at a few of my favorite Gainesville food Instagram accounts below for ideas of restaurants to try out.

1. Gainesville’s Official Food IG (@eatgainesville)

This is one of the first Gainesville food accounts I followed. Not only do they post photos of beautiful plates of food from restaurants all over the city, but they do food giveaways as seen above.  

Whenever I want to try a new restaurant, I hop on this page for some inspiration. They always tag the restaurants name in their photos.


If the restaurant has their own Instagram page, @eatgainesville will tag them too. This is great, because you are then able to view more photos of food from that restaurant’s own page. If you love food and take awesome photos of it, you can tag @eatgainesville for a chance to be featured on their page!

2. Gainesville Vegans (@gainesvillevegans)

The Gainesville Vegans Instagram page is full of colorful, healthy food options in Gainesville that are all vegan-friendly.

I love how this page mentions what they specifically order and what restaurant it’s from in their post. It makes the decision of ordering a meal a lot easier if you decide to visit a restaurant they’ve posted about. This page also promotes some of the vegan food festivals that take place in Gainesville, one of the most well known being VegFest.


If you follow this page, you will receive continuous updates on events like this.

3. Gainesville Grub (@gainesvillegrub)

WOW . . . this page makes my mouth water!

All of the food looks so delicious and makes me want to spend money that I don’t have on food. With over 500 posts on the account, you are bound to find at least one restaurant that suits your cravings.


I love how the captions on their photos are a little more interactive. They make sure you know when prices for certain menu items have dropped, what restaurants are having specials for holidays, and they do giveaways!

4. Cookiegazm (@cookiegazm)

This Instagram page not only promotes all of its cookies and milkshakes, but it promotes charity work like Cookies for a Cause and self care habits you should know about.

While the name of this restaurant has a sexual innuendo, they use it for good by promoting safe sex habits on their page. Oh, and I can’t forget . . . they serve the absolute BEST cookies you will ever have!


There are plenty of options, so scroll through their Instagram feed to get an idea of what your next (or first) order will be.

5. Ken Eats Gainesville (@keneatsgainesville)

After scrolling through this food connoisseur’s account, I can say with full confidence that he knows what is GOOD in Gainesville.

1,494 posts later, Ken, the number one Gainesville food blogger, has gone to places I would have never thought of trying. Take a look at his feed and see what looks yummy to you!


6. Karma Cream (@Karma_Cream)

Organic goods, coffee, sandwiches, and beer . . . what more could a person want?!

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This Gainesville food Instagram account is sure to make your stomach grumble after scrolling through a few photos. All of their photos have bright, light backgrounds, which allows the viewer to really take in the plate!


The best part is that it’s not too far from campus. It’s on W University Ave between SW Sixth St. and SW Seventh St.

7. Vale Food Co (@valefoodco_gnv)

If you’re looking for a Gainesville food Instagram account that motivates you to workout, eat healthy, and just become a better you, then Vale Food Co is for you!

They are all about a healthy lifestyle. I love to look through their feed for smoothie and food bowl inspiration. They have endless combinations you can create!



8. Cilantro Tacos (@cilantrotacosgville)

This might just be the best taco place in Gainesville, and their Gainesville food Instagram account proves it with all of its fantastic taco photos!

Cilantro Tacos serves a combination of tacos, nachos, corn husks, quesadillas and more. Vegetarians can request no meat on any of their dishes and Cilantro Tacos will make accomodations.

You’ll notice on their Instagram page that they serve food all across Gainesville at different events. They even have a food truck and catering services. Talk about hitting all the bases!


If you follow a Gainesville food Instagram account that wasn’t listed here, feel free to comment the name below!

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