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15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

If you can’t live without coffee, chances are you’re willing to splurge on habit-encouraging accessories. And it’s true that you can save some bucks by brewing your own, so you may as well have some fun with it! Here are 15 gadgets that every coffee lover needs to get their hands on for the ultimate at-home coffee experience.

Portable Keurig

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

If you consider yourself a coffee lover, you can now brew up a delicious cup from practically anywhere with this super convenient, portable Keurig mini! This teeny gadget is perfect for small spaces and especially ideal for those who can’t live without their daily cup of joe, even while travelling. It’s also energy efficient, shutting off automatically 90 seconds after your last brew.

Coffee Cup Warmer

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

For only $10.99, this simple gadget is a coffee lover essential. It warms your beverage in seconds, and featuring an indicator light that lets you know when your cup is ready. And this warmer is handy for all hot beverages, not just coffee, making it useful and versatile for anyone with a kitchen!

Coffee Grinder

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

This stainless steel electric grinder is something you need to order ASAP if you’re coffee-obsessed. A 200-watt motor provides instant grinding, yielding up to 12 cups of coffee per use!

This is one of the most convenient coffee gadgets you could get your hands on, ensuring a flavorful, smooth cup of coffee every morning. You’ll never go back to plain jane grinders again after using this one.

Portable Espresso Machine

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Available in white, lime green, or cherry red, this adorable portable espresso machine makes coffee making simple! It’s electricity free, meaning you can use it anytime, anywhere. Its small size and weight allows you to give into your coffee habit  everywhere you go, cranking out a top notch espresso with every single use. What coffee lover wouldn’t want this?

Temperature Adjusting Mug

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Enjoy your favorite drink at the perfect temperature with this temperature adjusting travel mug! For the on-the-go coffee lover, this handy little gadget is totally a must-have. Not only does this mug heat your drink, but it cools it down as well – a unique feature that separates it from others of its kind.

The mug comes with a leak-proof travel lid, along with a charging plug, giving you a user friendly coffee experience again and again. Although it’s pricey, this gadget totally worth it.

Rolling Suitcase Cup Holder

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Tired of lugging around your Starbucks through the airport? If you’re a spill-prone frequent flyer who needs their coffee fix before a long flight, look no further than to this luggage cup holder! For the jet setting coffee lover, this cup holder is something you literally NEED.

This is one of the most creative yet necessary coffee accessories; it holds your cup in place between the handles of a rolling suitcase, so you don’t have to compromise your pre-flight java to hold onto all your bags. With this gadget in your life, you’ll never spill coffee at the airport again!

USB Coffee Mug

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Can’t get through the work day without a hot cup of coffee, but some how forget to drink it? With this USB chargable coffee mug, you won’t even have to get up from your desk to keep that cup of joe warm all day long.

To use it, just plug this stainless steel baby into your laptop and let it charge up your beverage. That means if you’ve got a hefty deadline to meet, you no longer have to worry about coming back to a drink only to find it’s cooled down! Plus, it keeps your coffee warm for up to two entire hours after the cup is unplugged, and also boasts and anti-slip base that keeps it steady in moving vehicles.

Milk Frother

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

You’ll never go to a coffee shop again with this easy to use milk frother in your life. Perfect for lattes or cappuccinos, you’ll be able to craft your own delicious milk-based beverage in no time! And the best part is that it’s less than $20.

This nifty gadget uses no electricity or steam whatsoever, whipping up foam in just 30 to 60 seconds. All you do is submerge its whisk into your beverage, and voila! A coffee lover’s absolute dream.

Nitro Cold Brew Maker

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

If you’re an unconventional coffee lover or are cold brew obsessed, this nitro cold brew maker is the gadget for you. With this machine in your life, you can save a pretty penny by avoiding the price of chains or local coffee shops and brew your own, allowing for unlimited nitrogen experiences every morning.

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Self-Cleaning Smart Bottle

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Tired of cleaning out your travel mug after each use? Killing 99.9% of bacteria and maintaining your beverage’s temperature for 12 to 24 hours, this self-cleaning bottle will make everyone who is coffee obsessed’s life so much easier. And given its multiple Smart features, the bottle will blink to remind you about your beverage in case you’ve forgotten about it! In two different sizes and multiple color options, this bottle is a great gift for any coffee lover.

One-Touch Coffee Brewer

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Impatient coffee lovers will thrive with this one-touch coffee brewer, which prepares hot coffee in 30 seconds and cold brew in just four minutes! Its reusable metal filter and USB friendly charger make this brewer super easy to use and also energy efficient, manipulating a high pressure environment to give you the smoothest and most intense coffee you’ve ever had.

Self-Stirring Mug

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Let laziness reach new heights with a self-stirring coffee mug, which stirs your beverage in just the touch of a button! Made from stainless steel and metal, this gadget is perfect for travelling or a day of running errands. You’ll never have to worry about the bottom of your drink thickening up again with this device on deck, which holds up to 16 ounces of liquid at a time.

Manual Coffee Grinder

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

If you prefer grinding your coffee beans manually, you should consider getting this JavaPresse grinder, which features over 18 settings to give you 100% precision and control over the consistency of your daily cup of coffee. Its removable crank and stainless steel blades will give you the smoothest beverage ever, and it’s not battery operated, meaning all noise is eliminated! This grinder is user friendly and will give you java that’s smooth as butter.

Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Although pricey, this alarm clock will ensure that every coffee lover wakes up on time, using a reusable stainless steel filter and refrigeration system to guarantee freshness upon each use! With a drawer included, you can store up to weeks worth of coffee in this all-in-one gadget.

Collapsible Coffee Drip

*15 Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

Easy to fold and store, this collapsible coffee drip will give you a no fuss pour over wherever you please! And it’s only $12.50, making it a serious bang for your buck.

If you’re totally obsessed with any of these coffee toys, let us know in the comments which one is YOUR fave!

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