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Funny Ways To Come Out To Your Loved Ones That Will Show Some Pride

Funny Ways To Come Out To Your Loved Ones That Will Show Some Pride

Funny Ways To Come Out To Your Loved Ones That Will Show Some Pride

Coming out to your family and friends is hard, especially when you have to do it so many times (straight people don’t have to do this, right??) and to so many different people. So why not make it at least a little funny?

Here’s some funny ways to come out of the closet in style, while still showing a bit of pride.

Tell your dog first

This is mostly for practice. But you can tell your dog really loudly, in front of your whole family, and pretend your dog is the only one you truly care about. Because, let’s be real, they definitely are.

Bake it into a pastry

Nothing says love like pastries. That’s a fact. Why not bake the surprise into a pastry? Or put it on top as frosting? Hide some rainbow sprinkles in a cupcake and then scream, “Surprise!” It might get you some lectures on delicacy, but whatever.

Make it a personal milestone on Facebook

This is a bit risky, because you’re coming out to your whole Facebook friend list. But if you don’t care, then this is the best way to reach a wide spread audience—and make sure to do a photoshoot with you in front of rainbow backgrounds for emphasis!

Do it during a public speech

Remember when we said risky? This—this is risky. But it’s also hilarious, depending on the public speech. Plus this is a classic way used by a lot of celebrities. Take a look at Ellen Page, or Ellen Degeneres… did anyone else just notice that there’s a lot of LGBTQ+ women named Ellen?

Make a pop-up card

Arts and crafts is another excellent way to break important news. It’s even better when it pops out in your face. With huge letters and a lot of glitter, we think this is one of the best ways to get your message across. Just be careful not to get paper cuts.

Dress up in as much rainbow stuff you can until someone notices

I mean, why the hell not, right? And not only is it a prompt for a well-needed discussion on sexuality, but it’s also an excellent ice breaker for strangers. How you ask? Someone will ask why you always wear so much rainbow. That’s what we call an opportunity.

Make a really bad joke

Listen, nothing breaks hard news better than a bad joke. Especially when it’s with family. Will they accept you? Maybe. Will you go down in history for possibly the best way to come out? Absolutely.

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Physically come out of a closet

Sorry, bad joke. See above.

Have a party with a surprise theme

Invite your whole family. The theme is that you’re gay. Have a bunch of rainbow coloured food. Blast a pride playlist. They can’t be mad at you when Cher’s playing.

Invite everyone you know to pride

If this doesn’t get the message across, then nothing will. Plus, at least at pride there’s a lot more to look at then just you. There’s also alcohol, so, at the very least, you can drink. On a serious note: it’s one of the best things to experience no matter your sexuality, so it’s a fantastic way to at least travel towards the road of acceptance.

Lastly, remember, out of all of this, to recognize your privilege. A lot of us are unable to come out to our families in general, let alone in hilarious ways. We’re all apart of a community. Love each other, and don’t erase anyone’s experiences.

Do you have any funny ways to come out to your family? Do you have any funny stories? Tell us them in the comments!

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