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Funny Valentine’s Day Memes You’ll Be Laughing At

Okay! Now Valentine’s day is coming up and I want to provide you with these memes to avoid any tears shedding from your body! It doesn’t matter if you are single or not, Valentines day is just another day on the Gregorian calendar. These memes have me cracking up every single time I look at them!


This one is super funny but also extremely real! For us single folks, we will probably be spending our Valentine’s day either out with friends or home alone naked like the meme said. We might be singing Adele and crying our eyes out while balling and eating some really unhealthy foods and drinks. Your cat or dog will not be very happy to hear you screaming or crying, but hey, at least it only happens once a year!

Do you know this meme? Have you seen it before? 


This is such a cute meme, but also so true—however, you decide to take it. Instead of spending so much money on all the expensive Valentine’s day gifts, you can save the money and spend it on something for yourself or your family. If you are in a relationship and like to save money, there are two-for-one dinners, winter travel rates, and a bunch of sales that can save you a buck or two.

This baby understands us all! Saving MONEY when you are single! At least we get that benefit! Yessss! Let’s spend that money on some perfume ladies, or on car parts for the men!


Now this Valentine’s day meme is the most 2020 Valentine’s day memes! Have you seen Bird-box? If not, then you will probably have a really hard time understanding the meaning behind this meme. Now if you get it, you have to admit that it is one funny meme! Would you ever take your blindfold off for someone? When there is a situation of life-death and YOU MUST NOT TAKE OFF THE BLINDFOLD, what would you do? You should print this out and send it to your crush if you know they have seen the movie. If they haven’t, maybe it’s a chance to make move and ask them on a date!


ADMIT IT! This is the perfect year to bring out the Trump memes! This one is really funny and I encourage everyone to take it lightly and have fun while reading it! We know Donald Trump is not a huge fan of immigrants and wouldn’t mind departing you! It would be funny to send your crush this meme and tell them that you would not deport them—I’m sure they would enjoy and actually benefit from the laugh.

I highly recommend laughing at these Valentine’s day memes and enjoying them instead of taking them to heart.


We all know that it takes a certain amount of bravery to tell your crush that you like them—especially on Valentine’s day! This meme is just basically telling you that you should just keep it a secret to avoid getting heartbroken. These Valentine’s day memes are quite truthful, aren’t they! How many of us have hidden our feelings because of the shame that it may not be reciprocated? Send this meme to your crush and maybe they will understand the hint and tell you that they love you and want to be with you! 


Where are all my Harry Potter fans? This is the perfect meme to laugh at during Valentine’s day—especially if you love HARRY POTTER!! He also laughs at the fact that he will be alone and decides to go to his bedroom to pretend he doesn’t exist. Would you do the same? Why down we all go to our bedrooms, pretend that we don’t exist, but then make ourselves feel better by watching and binging all the Harry Potter movies. We are all in this together!

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Dont you love Harry Potter? I love the idea of mixing him and making a meme out of what he said- super funny- especially for all the fans!


This is for all my science nerds who like facts and reality. This meme shows the importance of being cynical and serious on Valentine’s day when you are single—JUST KIDDING! Just have a good laugh at it and think about using the same response if someone asks you if love is in the air. It is important to not take these Valentine’s day memes seriously as most of them are just jokes and should be taken lightly— do not get upset, it’s all a joke. A joke to help us get through Valentine’s day as a single individual.


Let’s take it back to 2014 OKURRR! Back to the old days, where things were simpler and nobody had time for that! I think this is a funny one, especially for all the working folks who actually don’t have time! It is my favorite Valentine’s day memes because it really is a meme and really does the vine justice!

I think anyone who knows the meme can scream the words that this lady is saying in their heads: AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!! LOL, share this meme with all your single friends! We don’t got time!


This one is a great meme for the married couples out there! Come on! At least you know that your significant other is not cheating and makes no exceptions when it comes to taking anyone out on dates during Valentine’s day! I would share this with my husband (if I had one LOL). Give it a good laugh because the thought behind it is super! The joke is similar to a knock-knock but also an original way to play and joke around with your significant other! This is super funny and perfect for Valentine’s day!

Did you like these Valentine’s day memes? Did they make you think about some old things? Which one was your absolute favorite? Which one will you use and send to your friends? Comment down below! Thank you so much!

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