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13 Funny Thanksgiving Memes That Will Make You Laugh

13 Funny Thanksgiving Memes That Will Make You Laugh

As the holiday season approaches these Thanksgiving memes will ease the stress – ahem joy of being around all your family. There’s plenty to be thankful for this season, but if you need a little more of a mood boost, scroll down and add a little smile to your day. 

1. Gym Progress

All that tasty Thanksgiving food just makes it impossible not to go back for seconds or thirds. Not to mention all the pre-dinner foods and the two slices of pie. This Thanksgiving meme perfectly illustrates the ruin of all those delicious temptations. If you jumped on the bandwagon and stuck with your new year’s resolution of getting in shape, we applaud you. But, Thanksgiving is the temptress who could throw that all away. In all honesty, one day won’t ruin all your progress it just feels that way. Plus, all your gym progress earned you that third plate. So go forth you mighty warrior and earn a PR in calories consumed in one sitting. 

2. Politics

The ever-controversial topic, and yet this year it might be even hotter than the turkey served on the table.  This Thanksgiving meme reminds you to hide the sharp knives before you get political. There’s nothing wrong with expanding your mind and having a civil conversation with your family. Just make sure it stays civil and if it doesn’t politely excuse yourself from the conversation. Families can be hard to navigate this topic with but it’s important to be open and ask them to be open as well. 


3. Posting Food Pictures

Do you dare even open your social media on the holiday everyone will be telling you how thankful they are for family, friends, and everything in between? The worst of all? The food pictures and apart from the plates and napkins, they all look exactly the same. The Thanksgiving meme jokingly asks you to not jump this bandwagon but in all seriousness, do you really need to post your plate? Instead spread a smile and post this Thanksgiving meme and break up the feed. Trust us, your followers will be more thankful for you than another plate of food. 

4. Little Cousins

Ahh, the little rugrats just adore you and don’t know the definition of privacy. You’re their favorite cousin both a blessing and a curse when you need to find some peace and quiet in your family time. Although this applies to any family gathering you might relate to this more as a Thanksgiving meme during a time when all the family comes together from all the corners of the country. The one good thing about little cousins in your room is you can escape into their imaginary games and maybe they won’t ask you why you’re still single this holiday.  


5. College Kids Leftovers

Even better than the food at Thanksgiving? The leftovers that come after the main course. This Thanksgiving meme truly captures what it means to be a college kid at Thanksgiving dinner. If this is your first Thanksgiving as a college student, be ready to eat like royalty. None of your family wants their poor baby to starve while you are away at school, so they’re going to load you up. Honestly, this Thanksgiving meme isn’t an exaggeration, you’ll walk away with this many plates or more. 


6. All The Appetizers

It’s only natural that on the holiday dedicated to gorging oneself we pre-game the main event with even more food. And man is it easy to fill up before the main course even makes its glorious appearance. Then you have to sacrifice your personal comfort and really explore the limits of your stomach size. So, let this Thanksgiving meme serve as a warning, or a challenge, as you head into the holiday. 

7. Thanksgiving On The Sidelines

While all these Thanksgiving memes are relatable, this one just might capture the holiday perfectly. This poor holiday tends to get pushed to the sidelines as jingle bells and the smell of gingerbread begin to emerge from the shadows. After Halloween, all people can think about is Christmas and forget about the holiday for giving thanks. Post this Thanksgiving meme a few weeks before the holiday to remind everyone to give this special day a little extra love.  


8. Eating To A Point Of Sickness

There’s just something about Thanksgiving that gives you permission to eat more than you ever thought possible and nobody is going to judge you for it. Well, until your body begins to protest and you have to face the reality of what you’ve just done. Because even if you’re full after dinner and all the appetizers, there’s still dessert that must be devoured. The Thanksgiving meme reminds you there’s a lot to be thankful for and feeling good is one of them. But for whatever reason, on this day we tend to take advantage of feeling good until it’s too late to go back. 


9. When Everyone Has An Opinion

When you throw all the opinions of your family in one room together, it’s easy to get messages mixed. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Thanksgiving meme gives you the perfect comeback for the entire night. It’s the holiday version for “please stop talking,” say it with a smile and a laugh and automatically you’re less rude. It’s a win-win situation. 

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10. Your Favorite Family Member

You’re saving grace at any family event is the favorite cousin you can chill and gossip with the entire time. It won’t look like either of you are trying to avoid the rest of the family because you’re just catching up right? Besides the food, they are the best part of the night and the perfect excuse to not answer the probing questions your family insists on asking at every gathering. 

11. Being Vegan At Thanksgiving

F.R.I.E.N.D.S coming in clutch with the perfect Thanksgiving meme for all our vegan friends out there. Unfortunately, this holiday’s dishes aren’t traditionally made to cater to your dietary preference. So, when you find the one dish you can eat, you’ll guard it like a starving dog with a bone. Besides, they have so many other options available on the table why do they need to also have the one thing you can eat? 


12. Doing The Dishes

R.I.P to our dirty dishes soldiers during this holiday that pull out all the stops for dirtying every dish in the house. Seriously, did you even know you owned a gravy boat, five casserole dishes, and little corn holders? Anyways, we’re pretty sure the pilgrims didn’t use their finest china and paper plates would be acceptable. This Thanksgiving meme reminds you to throw in a little extra gratitude for the post-dinner cleanup crew in your pre-dinner grace. Pro tip: help cook dinner so you aren’t on dishes duty after. 


13. Escaping Your Family

As much as you love your family, we know sometimes you just need a tiny break. The bathroom seems to be the only room they aren’t willing to barge into unannounced, But maybe lock the door just in case. There’s nothing more comforting than escaping to the bathroom with your phone and see your best friend is also on social media when they should be spending time with family. Send them a digital high five and spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom. Don’t let this Thanksgiving meme make you feel guilty, you know everyone else is doing it too. 

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