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10 Funny Thanksgiving Images You’ll Want To Share With The Family

10 Funny Thanksgiving Images You’ll Want To Share With The Family

Did you ever find just a hilarious meme whether that be on Instagram, Reddit, or one of the other infinite social media apps we have now and just had to have shared it? 2020 has been quite a year and with thanksgiving around the corner, you are probably looking for something more joyful to share with the family and are in the need for some good memes that we could all laugh at. No worries because in this article you will find some memes that I personally laughed at or no someone who laughed at them. Well here are 10 thanksgiving images you could share with the family and hope they get a good laugh about it. 

This is Fine

It went from a dog sitting in a middle of a fire pit saying that everything is fine even though it’s all getting destroyed right in front of him (perfect for 2020) to the dog sitting with a whole bunch of plants. Anyone who sees the original and sees this is probably in for a good chuckle. We all know someone who is a plant mom or is nearing having one too many plants and this photo is for them. 


Ghost Busters

This is perfect for those who are just a bit too nervous and might fall into the introvert category. Share this with your anxious cousin who worries about having the teacher calling on them. Share this in between passing the mashed potatoes and serving the bread rolls. 


Everyone knows someone who prioritizes sleeping over anything else and wakes up way too late or considers sleeping for six hours a nap. So find your sleepy possibly lazy family member and show them this photo. Maybe even show it to your mom or dad and tell them that it reminds you of your sibling, they will probably agree. 


The Reader

If you have a reader in the family or your mom is taking up reading as her new hobby you know that they have a specific way of closing the book. It’s rare to see someone just close the book and actually remember the page even though I prefer that over the *cringe* dog-ear bookmark. Here’s a great yet chaotic photo for the reader in your family. 


The Door 

Everyone who has gotten at least one argument with their parents could understand this meme. This is a universal feeling for anyone under the age of thirty so definitely share it with all your cousins, brothers, and sisters. Everyone but the parents are sure to have a good laugh. Squidwards face perfectly sho

The Student

Being on holiday break is a sweet relief away from the stress of school and not having to deal with turning in assignments and worrying about our professors. Being on holiday is going home and having real-life delicious home-cooked meals, not the overpriced meatloaf that the dining hall has. Show this to any student in your family and they will laugh at the stress-inducing moments. At least during the holidays, you can actually enjoy your weekends. 


Alternate Fast Food Time Lines

We all know the hate of being a fast-food worker. If you have never been I bet you can imagine with all the customers they get on the daily. These meme is perfect for those actually this could work for two members of the family the one that has a job in a restaurant or fast-food chain and those who totally believe in alternate timelines and glitches in the universe. Either way, this is funny to one of the two. The customer could swear that they are right even when everyone knows for a fact that they are not or even when someone swears something completely outrages is true it has to be a glitch in our universe’s timeline, right?  

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Quarantine Yoda

We all know the feeling of being overly cautious especially during the pandemic. We also all know the love that was received when the Mandalorian showed baby Yoda. Mixed those two together and you have the perfect 2020 year meme that really just encapsulates the good and the bad during this time. Probably something that 10 to 20 years from now it’ll seem so ancient and unbelievable how anyone could understand this. Enjoy baby Yoda while you can as you wait for the year to be over and the new season of the Mandalorian. 


The Dogs 

Two words, toasty dogs. I bet that piqued your interest as it would to the animal lover in your family. If you have ever been wondering what different types of dog breeds are there or what type of dogs you have don’t worry this chart is everything you need. Show this to your mom and she’ll probably say awe while asking you to bring up the lightness of your phone and zooming in. However, this photo is perfectly wholesome to share with your whole family during thanksgiving. 


Stitch is iconic for many reasons but this meme as itself really makes Stitch even more so. If you didn’t feel like Stitch before this photo will probably make you rethink that. Who would have thought that Stitch could perfectly show all of our emotions throughout this year? This is great for my best friend who loves stitch and laughed at this stitch meme. If you would have said that I would have related to a Disney character I’m not going to lie I don’t think stitch would have been my first guess. Despite that here we all are understanding stitch more than we ever thought. 


There you go 10 memes to share with your family during this thanksgiving. The 2020 thanksgiving might be a bit different than any other previous thanksgiving but that is okay but these photos are hilarious while also understanding our pandemic quarantine life. We also have dog memes, who doesn’t love dog memes? So let us know which meme on this list is your favorite (mine is baby Yoda) and which one you plan on sharing with your different family members when you sit around the dinner table. Did you think we forgot any memes that fit this pandemic year, let us know which ones we should have added.