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Funny Romantic Jokes To Help Ease The Tension During A First Date

Funny Romantic Jokes To Help Ease The Tension During A First Date

During the first dates, the tension in the room is thick. One way to cut through that is by relying on romantic jokes. You don’t have to be a comedian to get your date laughing up a storm, but it can be useful to say a couple of jokes at the beginning rather than to let the tension to destroy part of your confidence. The worst thing that could happen is that your date finds you not funny and decides to storm off, and yet she may laugh along with you. Here are some funny romantic jokes to help ease the tension during a first date.

1. Milk Carton 

When you almost didn’t get that first date and your lover at the last second decides to call, remember one of the cheesiest romantic jokes out there. ‘Is it weird that a milk carton has a date and I don’t.’ Cheesy, right? Also, that didn’t come out of the blue, trust me. Try referencing how worried you felt about almost not getting that all-important call back from him or her. Hey, maybe the two of you are drinking milk while laughing at this ridiculous dairy reference. Worst case scenario is she’s lactose intolerant.

Funny Romantic Jokes To Help Ease The Tension During A First Date

2. Mooovies 

‘Where did the cows go on a date? To the moovies.’ First of all, going movie then dinner is the right way to go. Second, this joke is terrible, but it shows you’re willing to go all out on your first date, even if it does make you out to be one dairy-loving severe asshole.

Funny Romantic Jokes To Help Ease The Tension During A First Date

3. Yours and My Career choice 

‘Five-year plan is to avoid a career at all cost.’ This joke works if you and your date are not in the mood of talking about both of your career choices. If you want to go with some harsh romantic jokes, you can reference how your boss made you feel unimportant. Somehow, you can let this segue into your first date and how it made you feel confident again. ‘My boss called me out for not being a people person, and here I’m with a bunch of people inside a fancy restaurant talking to you.’ If he or she starts opening up about their career choices, then maybe the two of you can start making fun of each other’s jobs, but sexually. ‘Oh, you were a nurse’s aide. Then maybe you can take your boss’s place and operate on me tonight.’ (wink)

4. You want me to smile, well then…

Guys always want women to smile. So, it’s just only natural that you bring a drawing of a smiling face and hold it up whenever your date wants you to, well, smile. It’s one of the deep cut romantic jokes that’ll probably get annoying after a while, but it should get a laugh or two at the start. Remember to do this in a not-so-public area; otherwise, everyone around you would think something’s wrong with you or you’re intentionally hiding your identity with a bad drawing of a smiling face. There’s nothing wrong with that; you just got to be careful sometimes, but only occasionally.

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5. A Crude Early Christmas Wish 

‘Can I take a picture of you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?’ Crude, I know. So yeah, she’ll probably want to slap the fuck out of you before leaving you with shame, but it may work. (wink) Worst case scenario, you’re not the King of funny romantic jokes. Best case, she may allow you to take a picture of her. Now’s that an early Christmas present if I may say so myself.

Funny Romantic Jokes To Help Ease The Tension During A First Date

So are you a living breathing joke book or do you just go hoping the tension doesn’t choke you to death? Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time. 

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