10 Funny Instagram Accounts That Will Guarantee A Laugh

While Instagram is great for posting beautiful, eye-catching photos for your followers to like and comment on, it’s also great for finding hilarious memes and satirical accounts. Funny Instagram accounts serve as the perfect pick-me-up and a reminder to yourself, as you scroll through endless pictures of smiling friends and cute couples, not to take this social media site too seriously.

Hot Dudes Reading

Oh man, this is a good one. Ladies, if you dream of finding an attractive, scholarly man to call your own then you’ll love this account dedicated to photographing unsuspecting hot guys reading in New York City and other places across America. Almost better than the pictures are the captions below where the authors of this account talk about how much they’d like these men to stop reading and start doing some other, not-so wholesome things. Also check out their book “Hot Dudes Reading” and the wall calendar.


Everybody knows those basic photos on Instagram. You know, the ones with three girls laughing around a pumpkin because it’s #fall or the totally candid photo of you and your friends jumping up in the air that you definitely didn’t take about 300 times to get right. Well the funny Instagram accounts Satiregram is here to call you out on all those basic pics on your profile. If you’re tired of looking at photos of girls in bikinis waving sparklers in the air, then follow this account that mocks the “basicness” of Instagram.


Sometimes you need a little inspiration in your life, and sometimes you just need an Instagram account that understands that everyday life is really freaking annoying. The “uninspiring,” sarcastic posts on Unspirational’s account are #relatable because they know that you’d much rather be lying in bed watching Netflix than actually doing anything inspiring, or at the very least productive.

Celeste Barber

Oh how I love Celeste for funny Instagram accounts. This Australian comedian mostly uses her Instagram to poke fun at those ridiculously good looking photos and videos that models and celebrities post on their accounts. Celeste reminds her followers that photos from the fashion world are usually unrealistic and far-fetched, all while giving us a good laugh while she does it.

Texts From Your Ex

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “Why do people text the things they text,” then you need to check out the Instagram account, Texts From Your Ex. We’ve all had a few cringe-worthy texts from people we’d like to never see again and this account is here to let you know that you’re not alone with all those chats full of regretful texts. At least you can laugh about these for funny Instagram accounts.


People say the craziest things, especially in New York City. Thankfully, OverheardNewYork is here to make those ridiculous things you overhear on the street public for all of their followers.

Miserable Men

When you go shopping at the mall, you’re bound to come across one of those grown men with a lost expression on their face and sad, puppy-like eyes who have been forced to go shopping with their wife or girlfriend. The Instagram account, Miserable Men, now makes sure that you see all of these men who are way out of their element and bored as hell.

See Also

Cash Cats

Why are pictures of cats in a pile of money funny? I’m not really sure, but I laugh every time I see one of those adorable kittens on top of some cash. More meows, more money am I right?


This account channels your inner, angsty teenage self as it pairs famous art with darkly funny, existential texts. If you’ve ever felt trapped by your own existence or bogged down by the “fear of the unknown” or something close to that, then this page is for you.


Kanye West creates incredible music with provocative lyrics and grandiose visions, but this Instagram account captures the times when Kanye is just like us other humans. He eats fast food like McDonalds and Popeyes just like us, he takes a lot of naps just like us. Kanye may be Yeezus, but it’s funny to look at the times when he’s just….normal.

Which funny Instagram accounts do you like are hilarious? Let us know in the comments below!!

featured image source: https://weheartit.com/entry/315701532?context_page=2&context_query=phones&context_type=search

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