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Funny Halloween Costumes That Will Have All Your Friends Laughing

You’re probably old enough to have participated in a good number of Halloween events. It’ll come as no surprise, then, when you hear that many people like to dress up in funny Halloween costumes. While the beginner’s usual costume is something scary, like a witch or a mummy, there is so much more that you can do. You can even alter a standard costume from Party City or wherever to make it more humorous. One thing’s for sure though: when you decide to go the extra mile this Halloween, your friends will be sure to love it! Here are some ideas for funny Halloween costumes that you can try out.

Darla from Finding Nemo

Darla, although she wasn’t shown very often in the movie, is a really popular character. Her design is pretty simple: a retainer that goes around your head and some pigtails are all you need. Since some people may not get the reference since it is so simple, you’ll need to include a couple other things. If you find a toy clown fish and put it in a zip-lock bag and carry it around, it will become obvious very quickly who you’re supposed to be (at least for those who saw the movie). You’re also going to need to sell the personality, so make sure to whine and scream a lot! 

The Big Bad Wolf (in disguise)

In much the same way that the Wolf tricked Red Riding Hood into thinking they were her grandmother, you can trick others into thinking that you’re actually the Wolf! Funny Halloween costumes like this are immediately recognizable and actually don’t require that much effort to make. Basically, all you need is a nightgown and a wolf costume. Cut out the important bits from the wolf (ears, tail, paws, and feet) and glue them onto the nightgown. Also, this is optional, but you can also take a black marker and color you nose. Honestly, though, if no one has guessed your costume so far, painting your nose isn’t going to make much difference.

Dwight from The Office

It says a lot about Dwight that you can easily recognize when someone is dressed up as him for Halloween. All the ‘costume’ is is a standard suit. What really makes it obvious who you are is the parted hair. It’s kinda Dwight’s thing. Oh, and the glasses, too. Now, what you could do, although you don’t need to, is to make a jello bowl and put a stapler inside (this was a prank pulled on him in the show). If you’re going to go that far, keep in mind that you’ll have to carry it around with you the whole night. Either way, consider this outfit if you’re looking for funny Halloween costumes this year.

Someone being blown by imaginary wind

Some funny Halloween costumes don’t require any previous knowledge of movies or TV shows. They’re just incredibly ridiculous, but very well done. One such costume that you can make has you pretending to be blown by an imaginary gust of wind. As you’d expect, this will require a few props. Take an old umbrella that you don’t use anymore and pull it inside out. This is the most iconic ‘strong-wind’ item, so you’ll want to get this for sure. A newspaper or regular piece of paper should be taped to your leg to simulate the trash on the street that is being blown into you.

Lucille Ball

Everyone loves Lucy, right? This costume, while based off an older character, is still probably well known enough that most of your friends will get it. They’ll know that Lucy starred in a comedy show, so your outfit will undoubtedly win the competition full of other people who’re wearing funny Halloween costumes. Lucy’s outfit, while it contributes to her character, isn’t the biggest part of her. You’re going to want to get the red hair right (you’d better be committed to dyeing your hair). Most important of all is the voice and personality. The loud and imploring voice of Lucy should be your number one concern.

See Also

Edna Mode from The Incredibles

Another character that deserves to have funny Halloween costumes based off her is Edna Mode. The name may not be familiar to you, but the appearance definitely will be! If you’re a bit on the shorter side, this costume will be a great idea, although it works almost as well if you’re not. Additionally, this outfit will require that you go out and hunt down some special material. Once you have it, you can begin the sewing process. Yeah, it can be a pain to have to go through all this work, but the best costumes always require a little bit more work than the average one.

Just a Deer

Out of all the funny Halloween costumes on this list, this one requires the least amount of work. All you need are some paper ears which you can make yourself and a brown shirt. Ok, you’re thinking, this sounds like a cool costume, but not a funny one. Yes, you’re right. It’s what you do – how you act – while wearing it that makes it funny. If the party is outside, walk around in the dark for a bit slightly hunched over (don’t actually walk on all fours) and, when a car passes by, stop suddenly and look at whoever’s driving. Your odd behavior will really sell the minimum effort outfit.

Wednesday Addams

Like the deer costume, this outfit is not too difficult to put together. The way you act is what you’re going to want to focus on. Wednesday is a creepy girl who unsettles every normal person she talks to, so you should practice being weird in a mirror before the party. The most important thing to remember is that Wednesday doesn’t smile or talk in anything other than a monotone, so neither should you. To make this a really great costume, you’ll need to go all in, and that means committing to the personality the entire night. Don’t worry, you can do it! 

Do any of these outfits interest you? Have you tried any of these costumes before? Let us know in the comments below!

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