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16 Funny Halloween Costumes That Will Give Everyone A Laugh

Funny Halloween costumes are a constant during the spooky season, and the funny factor grows every year with bigger, better costumes. We all want to wear Halloween costumes that are fun and original, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to decide on which costume to go with. Here is our list of funny Halloween costumes that will have all your friends rolling on the floor laughing this year!

1. Avocado Toast

A millennial classic for funny Halloween costumes, avocado toast is a must for cute couple’s costumes. It’s simple and easily identifiable, making it the perfect and most versatile costume for any situation. You can be the toast, and your boo can be the avocado, and you can work on making everyone jealous and keep them laughing all at the same time.

2.  The Office Halloween

It’s Halloween costume inception! For funny Halloween costumes that are easily identifiable and will be a hit at any party you go to, this “The Office” Halloween group costume is a MUST. Whether you are dressed as Kevin’s version of Charlie Brown or Erin’s costume of Wendy, the group costume will give Halloween envy to everyone who couldn’t be a part of it.

3. Guy Fieri

The King of Flavortown is the perfect option for those in need of funny Halloween costumes. All you need is the spiky blonde wig, black sunglasses, facial hair, and flaming button-down, and then you too can become the charismatic host of “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.” Honestly, though, a sexy version of Fieri with a mini skirt and fishnets is the penultimate funny costume.

4. Napoleon Dynamite

An absolute classic for funny Halloween costumes, Napoleon Dynamite is an easy, hilarious single or group costume to pull out for your next Halloween party. Seeing how this is one of the most quotable movies that came out of the 2000s, you’ll have conversation ice breakers at the ready all night.

5. A Cheeto

So simple and yet so hilarious, a single Cheeto is a perfect outfit for those looking funny Halloween costumes. Katy Perry did an amazing job rocking this hilarious costume, and you will also absolutely kill it in this Hot Cheeto costume (but you have to have the matching Cheeto purse, no question). Honestly, any random food item is just perfect for a cleanly funny costume.

6. One Night Stand

We love a good punny Halloween costume, and this one-night-stand costume is top-tier for funny Halloween costumes. It’s the perfect mix of risque and punny humor, and you’ll have the most original costume at the party. This is also a super good gender-fluid costume, so any he, she, or they can rock this costume.

7. Sexy Ghosts

If you want to rock a sexy costume, absolutely go for it – more power to you for having the confidence to pull it off! But for those of us who may not have the courage to go for a “sexy” costume but still want to have the sexy, funny Halloween costumes aesthetic, these sexy ghosts are perfect for you and will make absolutely everyone at the party laugh. You and your “boo” can definitely pull off these matching costumes.

8. KFC

Colonel Sanders and a KFC chicken? Yes, please! A widely identifiable couples costume that’s also incredibly original, this is perfect for anyone looking for unique, funny Halloween costumes to wear to all your Halloween parties this year. This costume will get people laughing whenever you enter the room, so it’s a costume you definitely need this year.

9. Ron Swanson

I absolutely love Parks and Rec, so this Ron Swanson and Breakfast couple’s costume is one of my favorite funny Halloween costumes because it’s so smart and original. I mean, what else would you pair with Ron Swanson besides breakfast food? It’s the only conceivable choice, and everyone you know is going to be absolutely jealous of your amazing costumes.

10. Inflatable Tube People

As far as funny Halloween costumes go, this one looks like it would be the most fun. I mean, you could go around all night just swinging your arms around all willy-nilly. You and your bestie dressed as inflatable tube people would be absolutely adorable and you would, undoubtedly, have the most fun you’ve ever had at a Halloween party.

11. It’s Raining Men

Hallelujah! This is such a cute costume and a super-easy DIY for anyone looking to make their own funny Halloween costumes. Another option would be “It’s raining cats and dogs” (still adorable funny), but “it’s raining men” is incredibly creative and fun and you’ll definitely have everyone laughing whenever you show up at the party.

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12. Oh Deer!

The Oh Deer costume has become widely popular in the last few years, and it is one of my favorite pun-related funny Halloween costumes. It is super easy and super affordable to make yourself, and you can look both cute and quirky in this punny costume. Plus, pair it with your bestie’s “Holy Cow” and you will have the best pair costume at the party!

13. #Reality

Another cute couple’s costume is the #reality costume. As far as funny Halloween costumes go, this one is a snapshot of reality that everyone can relate to. It also gives you the chance to look hella cute while your S.O. gets to dress fun and flamboyantly to exaggerate the difference. You’ll love it, he’ll love it, your friends will love it – it’s a win/win/win in my book!

14. Meme

Living in a vine, TikTok, and meme culture, a meme-related costume is one of the best funny Halloween costumes. You will always be identifiable at any party, and everyone will get a good laugh out of seeing their favorite meme come to life. The kermit meme is also one of my faves, so this is definitely a planned costume for me in the future.

15. Cards Against Humanity

A great costume for you and your bestie, this Cards Against Humanity is one of the most top-notch easy and funny Halloween costumes. You have so much freedom to choose your favorite pair of cards (although the ones pictured here are so relatable, you’ll want to try them out yourself) and whenever you’re together, everyone in the room will break down laughing.

16. Eye Candy

We’ve already established that we love good, pun-related funny Halloween costumes, and this Eye Candy costume is so easy and so cute. This is the perfect DIY costume, and everyone will immediately know what you are. Everyone will be jealous that they didn’t think of it first, and your costume will be the perfect addition to any Halloween party.

Know of more funny Halloween costumes we need to wear this year? Tell us in the comments!

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