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25 Funny Halloween Costumes That Everyone Will Love

Halloween isn’t just about the scary things in life, it is a time to show off your genius with your funny Halloween costumes! If you usually go to a Halloween party, or you have been invited to one, this is the perfect time to create the funniest costume you can come up with. It will not only get your friends laughing, hopefully to the point of tears in their eyes, but maybe you can start a new Halloween costume trend!

Many of the funny Halloween costumes below require multiple people to pull them off. So, grab your boo, or your friends, or hey, just some random strangers, and have the time of your life getting dressed up for this year’s Halloween!

1. One of the Boys

This funny Halloween costume is perfect for a college Halloween party. Grabs your girlfriends and really show off how manly you can all be by grabbing a cold one with the boys. Everyone will love this as they will fall to the floor laughing. Make sure you get those pictures in with the typical bro poses that they all seem to make. This is a great one to do with just a couple of friends or a whole squad!

2. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

We’re bringing out the Spongebob Squarepants’ heroes: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Spongebob and Patrick are probably the funniest duo of the show, however, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy have some great lines that, if you are up for it, you should memorize so that when someone comes up to you, you can show off how dedicated you are to the costume.

If you are not totally sold on this duo, there are many other funny characters within Spongebob that you can choose from. Whatever you do choose, it is going to be a really funny Halloween costume!

3. Taco Belle

Do you love Taco Bell? What about The Beauty and the Beast movie? If your answer was yes to both, boy do I have the costume for you! This is one of the best funny Halloween costumes as it brings together two totally different things and makes it one! Get yourself a Belle dress with some tacos on it, and everyone will be dying laughing when they see this genius costume!

4. Bob Ross

Oh, Bob Ross. What a guy! This funny Halloween costume will have people talking for weeks after, and they’ll all want to be Bob Ross for next year’s Halloween. Become Bob Ross for a night, especially if you are an art lover or even better, and art major! Remember, “we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”!

5. Moaning Myrtle

Harry Potter costumes are classic Halloween costumes. They join together magic and spirits and villains. It’s the whole nine yards! But, the one character I have never seen made into a costume, until now, is Moaning Myrtle.

Though this sad, sad, girl was killed in the bathroom by a book, she does bring in some comedic relief while haunting the girl’s bathroom. Add the toilet seat to the Halloween costume and make it even more funny! Maybe your crush will dress up as Harry Potter, and you can go flirt with him all night since that was what Moaning Myrtle did in the movies. It’s meant to be!

6. Step Brothers

Talk about funny Halloween costumes, this one right here knocks it out of the park! Talk your buddy into dressing up as Brennan Huff and Dale Doback. Everyone you see for Halloween will know exactly who you are and will think it is absolutely hilarious. Don’t forget the wigs, the curly dos are the main feature for these step brothers.

7. Kermit Meme

I say if you are looking for a funny Halloween costume, you can never go wrong with dressing up as a meme. Especially the Kermit “But that’s none of my business” meme. This Halloween costume is great, not only because it is super funny, but because it is also a super easy DIY costume.

Buy a green turtle neck, cut out some green triangles from paper, and glue them to the shirt. Then, make the sign and make your tea. Boom, Kermit meme costume done!

8. Dwight and Angela

Of course, everyone is going to be going as Jim and Pam for Halloween but does anyone ever try to go as Dwight and Angela? This couple is arguably the best couple of The Office, only because the couple takes so much time to grow together and the couple has to learn tough lessons to be together. While Jim and Pam got together pretty effortlessly once they figured out they were perfect for each other.

Anyway, this show is already hilarious, so it will automatically make your costumes funny. Everyone will love them, and you for coming up with the idea. Oh, and if you don’t own a cat, borrow someone else’s, or you know, a stuffed animal always works too.

9. Clueless

Become the ever so popular Cher Horowitz for the night. Have fun with this costume as Cher has many different outfits to pick from. This one is the iconic one, however, and you won’t have to explain to everyone who you are.

Bring with you a bunch of shopping bags to complete the look, since you know, that was Cher’s favorite activity.

10. Pizza and Delivery Boy

Needing a silly couples costume for this year’s Halloween? Well, look no further as you should go as Pizza and Delivery Boy. This couple’s costume is cute and funny and everyone loves pizza, right? Maybe bring some actual pizza in the box for everyone to share. They will for sure love you and your costumes then.

11. Hocus Pocus

I put a spell on you, and now you will wear this costume. These crazy sisters will be wreaking havoc this Halloween with their ditzy spells and potions. You can personalize these costumes as well to make them look more like the movie, or maybe sexy them up a bit to draw some more attention. Just make sure that if there is karaoke, you sing the song! It’s only right.

12. Colonel Sanders Featuring Chicken

If you are going to go with a fast-food restaurant to dress up as, other than Taco Belle, then definitely go with Colonel Sanders plus chicken. This is a great couple’s costumes, or maybe you and your friend decided on the costume together.

This costume is top of the list when it comes to funny Halloween costumes. It’s super funny but it also brings kind of a creep factor to it as we all know that chicken isn’t going to be living for long.

13. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This costume idea, though maybe not super funny, is a sweet kind of funny in its own way. This is one of the best scenes of the movie as they are both trying to find something to steal in the 10 cent store, and how they try to steal stuff is hilarious. She tries to hide a fishbowl under her hat! This adorable costume will get people talking about just how cute you and your boo is.

14. Napolean Dynamite

Napolean Dynamite is the best movie to look for costumes. Don’t just stop with Deb and Napolean, find someone for Pedro, Kip, Uncle Rico, hell even Starla. This is a whole squad kind of costume that will get everyone laughing and having the best time. Memorize Napolean’s dance and start a flash mob at the party. Everyone will be joining in because everyone has memorized that dance. I know I have.

15. Rick Sanchez

If you haven’t seen the show, Rick and Morty, go watch it right now, and then you’ll understand why Rick Sanchez should be your next Halloween costume. Rick is seriously the funniest character in the whole show and deserves to be a Halloween costume. He is also a genius, and everyone will think you are a genius for going as Rick for Halloween. If you want, have one of your friends go as Morty and pretend you are both on a Halloween adventure special. It will be hilarious!

16. Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Jim Carrey does a fabulous job as the role of Ace Ventura, but I am sure you can do even better as Ace Ventura for Halloween. Really get into character with this one as Ventura has many different comedic lines you could try out as well as has the funniest attitude about anything.

This picture features the outfit Ventura wears to the psychiatric home, but there are a lot of different Ace Ventura outfits you could wear for this year’s Halloween.

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17. Photo Booth Roll

Customize this funny Halloween costume by putting in weird pictures. This one is fun and simple and will get everyone asking how you did it. Make it an awesome DIY project so you can tell everyone you made it yourself. If it were me, I’d look up funny picture ideas and put them in so that it would add that extra funny quality you are looking for.

18. Yzma

The Emperor’s New Groove is such a funny movie, you can’t go wrong with going as Yzma. She’s evil and genius and she is a very interesting looking character. She also has many different outfits you can choose from. Have a friend or your S.O. to go as Kronk and bring a lever with you to really hit home on the funny scale. It will be a hit at the party!

19. Cosmo and Wanda

Going as Cosmo and Wanda will get you high points on the funny Halloween costumes scale! They are a great ditzy couple that makes anyone laugh in the show. To really get the party laughing, go as Wanda and pregnant Cosmo and carry around a bucket of glitter throwup to show off just how funny that episode was!

20. Jetpack Man

This goofy costume will be a fave of the night for sure! The Jetpack Halloween costume is hilarious and clever as there isn’t a hassle on creating the costume. No makeup required, just slip on the flames and you’re all set. Everyone will be asking where you got the costume so they can all have jetpacks next year.

21. Peter Pan’s Shadow

What is better than dressing up as Peter Pan for Halloween? Oh, that’s right, dressing up as Peter Pan’s shadow. You can beat this when it comes to funny Halloween costumes. The great thing is, everyone will be paying more attention to your costume than to whoever decided to be Peter Pan. They will be laughing their butts off since Peter Pan’s shadow seems to have a little more sass than he does. So, make sure to bring out your sassy self when dressing up with this costume.

22. Life Alert

If you are looking for a simple, yet, hilarious costume for this year, go with Life Alert. Get a couple of friends to dress up as old people and just always stand by them. This costume is also perfect if you decide to be a designated driver because you’ll be everyone’s life alert! People will be dying laughing, but not from old age.

23. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

A classic Halloween movie, make it a classic Halloween costume. Beetlejuice is creepy yet hilarious and it works so well for your funny Halloween costume. Try to go as Beetlejuice with the small head! That is the funniest part of the whole movie! Or go as a couple with the red wedding dress and burgundy tux. It is a perfect Halloween costume!

24. Chick Magnet

Don’t forget this puny Halloween costume, the Chick Magnet! You can wear this solo, or go with a partner and have one be the magnet and the other be the chick. It is funny, cute, and a great DIY costume project that will get you even more excited for Halloween.

25. Black Sheep

Are you usually the oddball out when it comes to friends and family? This funny Halloween costume is perfect for you, then, as you can try as little as you want, and still make a decent black sheep Halloween costume.

Maybe you are the one who always follows the rules, and everyone would consider you to be the perfect one of the group. Well, show them just how wrong they are with this awesome and funny costume!

Your friends and family will LOVE these funny Halloween costumes. What are your favorite funny Halloween costumes? Tell us in the comments below!

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Madison McGarrah

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