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14 Funky Nail Trends To Try Out

14 Funky Nail Trends To Try Out

Nail trends are getting crazier and bolder by the day. We went from having a few options when going to the nail salon or having a mani-pedi day at home to having endless options for our nails. Sometimes there are looks you think you have to pay a lot for at the nail salon, but in reality, it can be easily achieved at home! These funky nail trends can be done either at home, with the help of friends, or at the nail salon!

1. Half And Half

If you can’t decide on a nail polish color, don’t worry, you can use them all! Doing a half-and-half¬†look is simple to do at home or ask for at the nail salon. You can use every color you want, or just a few of the same colors alternating in patterns. If you have a steady hand, you can do this on your own, but if not, placing a piece of tape down the center of your fingernail and painting one side at a time will make this look easily achievable.

2. Light Tie-Dye

Doing a light tie-dye look on your nails may seem a bit challenging, but it is really not hard to do at all! You might want to get an old nail polish brush and clean it off to keep all your current nail polishes clean. Put a drop of a few colors on each nail and use the clean brush to spear them around. Blend as much as you want until you have your desired look!


3. Funky French

This twist on a French manicure is truly a funky nail trend worth trying out. Paint your nails a few different colors, and then, using the same colors, paint the tips of the nails with a different color of the actual nail. Using only a few colors will make this look cohesive and easy to do! Try using tape if you struggle to get the perfect line on your funky French manicure.

4. Pride

Having Pride nails are becoming more and more popular lately. Painting each of your nails the color of the rainbow is simple and easy to do if you have all the colors. For those of us who have a large selection of nail polish to choose from at home, this nail trend will be easily accessible. It is perfect if you are going to a Pride event, but you don’t need an occasion to have prideful nails!

5. Swirled Colors

This nail trend seems a bit more challenging to do on your own, but it can still be done! Place two small pieces of tape covering the top and bottom parts of your nail. Paint the center part a lighter color and wait for it to dry. Then, it will be easy to paint the top of your nail either a darker shade of the color or doing two to three coats of the same nail polish as before. Top it off with a clear coat of polish to get the shine you want and you’re all set!


6. Symmetric Colors

Creating this symmetric nail look will take a bit of time, but it is achievable. Unless you have an incredibly steady hand, you’ll need tape for this. Doing the center parts of the nail first will make painting the rest of the colors easier. Decide on whether you do the top or bottom part of the nail first and commit. Going back and forth or losing patience while one section dries will cause chaos. Make sure each section is dry and you’ll be good to go!

7. Checkered

This look can be achieved either at home or at the nail salon. It would probably save you a lot of time and possible frustration to go to a nail salon, but if you’re feeling creative, this is a challenge worth taking on at home! Paint the first coat before attempting the checkers, or it could take forever to finish. Then, making sure you have a small amount of polish on the brush, create tiny squares throughout the nails to get this checkered nail trend!

8. Variety Of Designs

This is a fun look that you might want to go to the nail salon for. Tell them you’re looking for a creative design on each nail, or even bring a picture so they have a direction to go in. Calling ahead so the employee isn’t stressed upon your arrival will help not only you but the people creating this look for you!


9. One For Each

This is similar to our last look, but it can easily be done at home, unlike the other nail trend. These designs are a bit more simple and can be done by anyone with a creative eye. Choose whatever design or symbol feels right to you and start painting!

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10. Transparent French Colored Nails

For this look, going to the nail salon would be best. Creating this transparent French manicure at home could be a stressful attempt and disaster waiting to happen. Call ahead and tell them exactly what you’re looking for, so you’ll be satisfied with how they turn out!


11. Monochromatic Nails

This monochromatic nail trend is super cute and easy to do. All you need is your favorite color polish to paint two to three nails on each hand with. Then, find a color very similar to it for another nail. The tie-dye nail can be created using the same technique as previously mentioned! Add drops of the main nail color along with a similar color and a clear coat and use the clean brush to create a tie-dye look.

12. Ombre

Creating an ombre look on your own nails may seem impossible, but it can be done at home with a little determination! Adding a clear coat first will help make this look last with the layers needed. Leave a small space at the bottom of the nail clear and then paint the rest of the nail. When it’s still wet, add another layer about halfway up. Then, add another layer on the top part of the nail immediately. Once it is all dry, put a clear coat over it to make these layers stay and blend together!

13. Paint Drip Nails

Painting drip nails can be done at home or at the nail salon. If you paint them yourself, you will need just two contrasting colors to make it pop. Paint the main layer first, then, once it is dry, add the paint dripping effect. You might need something to clear up the edges as this look is hard to do solely with a nail polish brush!


14. Starry Night

For this starry night, you can either paint the stars and moon yourself or use tiny stickers to add on. If you use stickers, just make sure to put a clear coat on top to make sure they last a long time. Painting the stars and moon can be tricky, but if you have a steady hand, this can be a fun look to create at home!

Which of these funky nail trends are you going to try out? Share with us in the comments below!

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