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Fun Weekend Vacation Ideas On A Budget

Fun Weekend Vacation Ideas On A Budget

Fun Weekend Vacation Ideas On A Budget

Looking to go on a fun weekend vacation, but tight on cash? Below I’ve put together some awesome ideas of things you can go do on the weekend while staying on budget and having a great time!

Road Trip

Going on a road trip is a perfect weekend vacation that won’t necessarily break the bank. All you need to do is grab some friends (or go solo), and a map! Pick out some cool spots you’d like to see and bring along your favorite snacks for the drive.

Be sure to always take the scenic routes so you can getaway from the rush of traffic and enjoy the views. You’ll be surprised by the fun places you can find without having to travel hundreds of miles, spending hundreds of dollars!

Find a cute Airbnb to spend the night in, camp, or just sleep in your car to really save cash! Either way, this weekend vacation is perfect for having a great adventure while staying on budget.

Fun Weekend Vacation Ideas On A Budget


Camping is another great weekend vacation that is great for saving money! Just find a campsite near you, maybe at a local park, and you’re on track for a great weekend vacation in nature.

Bring some food from home, or even pick up some of your favorite camp essentials at the local grocery store. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sleeping bag – just bring some comfy blankets and pillows from home! During the day you can explore the campsite or park that you’re at, and even move to a new campsite at a different park for the next night.

Fun Weekend Vacation Ideas On A Budget

Backyard Camping

If you’re really looking to save money, just go camping in your own backyard. You can decorate your backyard, set up a tent, or even grab some blankets and lay under the stars in a camp site that only you can experience!

Just because you’re still at home, doesn’t mean it’s not a vacation! Turn off your phones to get away from the distraction and rush of every day life, make some homemade pizza, and enjoy the beautiful night sky from your own backyard.

Fun Weekend Vacation Ideas On A Budget

Hotel In Your Hometown

See your hometown from a different perspective with this fun weekend vacation idea! Just find a cute hotel or Airbnb not too far from home and escape for the weekend. You would be surprised how many people put awesome Airbnb’s up not too far from you!

For example, I once stayed in the second level of someones barn that was air-conditioned and decorated beautifully in a small town that only had one grocery store. I booked this awesome place on Airbnb! You will find that you can find fun places to stay almost anywhere, you just have to look.

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This idea is perfect to help you stay on budget because if you find a place close to you, you won’t have to pay the heavy expenses for traveling far distances. Plus you will have more time to relax when you take away all the travel time!

Fun Weekend Vacation Ideas On A Budget

Group Traveling

Group traveling is another great way to save money. Just grab some friends and pick any location you all would like to travel to together!

Make sure it’s in everyone’s budget, and you can split the cost of a place to stay (and travel expenses if you’re driving). This way everyone will save money and you can go to a place that all of you would like to explore for the weekend!

Traveling this way is not only cost-effective, but it’s a great experience because you get to enjoy amazing places with the people you love. Try to get lot’s of people to go because the more people that are able to split the cost, the cheaper it will be for everyone. Also, the more the merrier!

Fun Weekend Vacation Ideas On A Budget

Whether you’re camping or going on a group getaway to a fun location, these ideas are perfect to help you save money! Let us know which weekend vacation you try in the comments below.

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