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Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated

Sometimes it can be challenging to stay hydrated when watching lecture to lecture, trying to focus. The last thing you want to try and remember is drinking some water when you are stressed and busy. If your parched but wishing staying hydrated could be a little more fun, then here are some great beverages to check out. These are all healthy and exciting ways to stay hydrated, whether it’s spicing up your typical water game or trying something completely new. It’s time to get sipping your way to health and hydration. 

Coconut water

Health nuts all over the world have been raving about coconut water for what seems like forever. This hydrating beverage has a ton of antioxidants, potassium, and calcium. It’s the ideal post workout beverage to help replenish your hydration levels and repair your muscles. If you get all-natural coconut water, you don’t have to worry about added sugars or anything out of the ordinary from its naturally sweet flavor. 

Now, some people think coconut water tastes like sweaty socks, and I will admit it took me a minute to get used to it. But once you commit to adding coconut water to your life, the flavor becomes spectacular. You can also get a really yummy all-natural version of coconut water that turns pink. And what a fun and healthy way to stay hydrated than a pink beverage? 

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate tea is one of my favorite ways to start the morning and stay hydrated. This beverage is loaded with caffeine, so It shouldn’t be used to replace a glass of water, but iced it is quite refreshing. What leaves this tea a staple in my daily life is that it gives you the energy found in your everyday coffee, yet you don’t face the typical jitters, and mid-day crash found with an americano or traditional cup of coffee. In fact, you don’t even really notice it working until thirty minutes later you realize you feel energized and have been way more productive. 

I also have noticed my sleeping patterns are a lot more consistent when I stick to Yerba Mate tea versus coffee. I’ve found that icing a cup of Yerba Mate tea with my lunch on a super busy day keeps me focused and feeling hydrated. It’s a healthy source of caffeine that makes me feel content and jitter-free. But as I mentioned prior, be sure not to use this tea in place of water, just in addition to h2o. 

La Croix

There is a reason La Croix was all the rage this past summer, and there is no reason it shouldn’t continue in the fall/winter season. These carbonated drinks have little to no calories and all-natural flavoring. So you again don’t have to worry about additives making your hydration practices all sugary and lethargic. They use minimal ingredients to leave you hydrated and happy. 

I honestly find La Croix to be my favorite drink when I feel myself dozing off in a meeting or while writing a paper. The carbonation will wake you up and leave your taste buds feeling alive. Plus, the main ingredient is water, so you’re getting hydrated while you get out of your mid-day funk. 

Homemade fruit juice

When I say homemade fruit juice, I mean nothing in your blender except water and your fruit of choice. One of my favorite fruit juices to make is honeydew melon juice. All you do is throw some honeydew melon in a blender with 2-3 times the water ratio to melon. Blend and enjoy the all-natural sugar and hydration. 

Since fruits are loaded with water, there is no better way to add some hydration and energy to your life at the same time. It’s quick and easy to make, and you can use a variety of fruits to quench your thirst. Some other go-to’s I use include blueberries, watermelon, and strawberries. You typically want to stick to fruits with high water content to work properly. It’s such a fun and healthy way to get hydrated when you need a break from plain water. 


Kombucha has a ton of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a fermented tea, creating a bit of a bitter taste, but if you’re a fan of vinegar or cider-like flavors, this is the drink for you. Kombucha comes in various tastes, from more traditional teas to fruit-infused flavors. One of the best I’ve found is ginger lemonade. 

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Kombucha is super hydrating, and the carbonation is a fun way to spark joy in your mid-day lecture. It also has a lot of similar properties to coconut water, so it is an ideal beverage to have post-sweat sessions. I would recommend trying one before buying a pack since it is a unique flavor not loved by all. But if you acquire the kombucha taste buds, this beverage will be your new favorite! 

Lemon or mint-infused water

If you are in a rut with your beverage routine and need extra hydration but can’t seem to stand traditional water, there is a solution for you. Try infusing your water with lemon, mint, or really any herb. I know it sounds fancy and complicated, but all you need to do is squeeze some lemon into your water. Or let mint/your herb of choice soak in your cold water while you drink it. 

By infusing your water with lemon or herbs, it gives your water a very subtle flavoring. So it’s not as overpowering as having a fruit-flavored beverage. It’s very modest and light in flavoring. Think of a hint of mint to add life to your water. What’s excellent about infusing your h2o is it’s truly your most hydrating option. So you don’t have to think about adding a fun beverage plus water to your life, it’s all in one. If you want to get crazy, add some lavender to your water. Some say soap flavored; I say relaxing. 

Those are just a few of the many ways you can stay hydrated. Everyone needs a break from traditional water every once in a while, and here are ways you can do so that are easy, simple, and healthy. Whether you’re just looking to infuse your water or wanting to jump into the coconut trends, the options are endless. So spice up your beverage game, and keep healthy and hydrated this dry season. 

Summer Kailani

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